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  1. Fingers crossed I fixed my uploading problems 😶 Here is a painting of my sorcerer that I started after going through the hell of crafting those celestial weapons, but only finished recently. and a smol version of her to cool off after all that painting 😄
  2. I'm really at a loss for why the image links are broken. Normally I can just paste in the URL from my twitter pics and it would work no problem. I've also noticed that the image from URL button outright declines other image hosting sites for me. Maybe there is a size limit now on forums that i'm not aware of. All I can really do is just put the direct link to the twitter uploads. Really sorry about this one, I'm not sure how I can fix it Thank you for bringing this to my attention @Arhangelos-KT Player sketches: https://twitter.com/TsovaDraws/status/1351871545941975043 Mau for
  3. Huh? That's so weird cause it looks fine on mine. I can't alter the post now but give me a min and I'll see if i can try put them up again. Thank you!
  4. It's that time again to dump off some more drawings. Been sketching some random players while doing the Tiamaranta farm so its not so painful, here's a few! More to come. ((Sorry asmodians I would love to sketch your chars but I cant take a screenshot while dying D: )) @Mvp-DN Can't tag the owner of this character 😞 TheDreams-DN Same with this one, FloraFun-KT Also just some older works playing with some designs and a usual painting exercise with my templar below
  5. Oh boy, here I go again just posting drawings after months of inactivity! Nothing too new (minus tiamat); just pulling from my twitter the aion related drawings I've done since last post
  6. Thank you so much! I have a variety of other Aion related drawings that i've forgotten to post, so i'll drop them off too (Also the card for archiving purposes!)
  7. I've been playing a lot of Dragalia Lost and fell in love with the art style, so I turned my templar into a gacha roll haha
  8. Hello friends, its me! I have risen from my tomb to plaster a ton of drawings (and various sculpts) at once! (If you like my stuff you can check out my twitter, which gets updated regularly ? right here)
  9. I use a variety of programs! Photoshop CC is my go-to for drawings and paitings. I've been learning other painter programs like Corel and Clip Studio, but PS is my preferred. For 3D its also a bit of a variety, my main program is Zbrush Core for just general sculpting; Marvelous designer for clothing. The modelling/retopo programs I use are Blender/Houdini. Going to be learning Substance painter soon, super excited to make some sick procedural textures Heres a minion-fied Kahrun and Garnon I doodled for the aion discord a couple days ago
  10. Here's another thing! I'm posting more on my Twitter these days (link here)
  11. Thank you <3 I'll be trying to draw some more varied stuff in the future, maybe a little forum giveaway? Who knows~
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