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  1. Oh boy, here I go again just posting drawings after months of inactivity! Nothing too new (minus tiamat); just pulling from my twitter the aion related drawings I've done since last post
  2. Thank you so much! I have a variety of other Aion related drawings that i've forgotten to post, so i'll drop them off too (Also the card for archiving purposes!)
  3. I've been playing a lot of Dragalia Lost and fell in love with the art style, so I turned my templar into a gacha roll haha
  4. Hello friends, its me! I have risen from my tomb to plaster a ton of drawings (and various sculpts) at once! (If you like my stuff you can check out my twitter, which gets updated regularly ? right here)
  5. I use a variety of programs! Photoshop CC is my go-to for drawings and paitings. I've been learning other painter programs like Corel and Clip Studio, but PS is my preferred. For 3D its also a bit of a variety, my main program is Zbrush Core for just general sculpting; Marvelous designer for clothing. The modelling/retopo programs I use are Blender/Houdini. Going to be learning Substance painter soon, super excited to make some sick procedural textures Heres a minion-fied Kahrun and Garnon I doodled for the aion discord a couple days ago
  6. Here's another thing! I'm posting more on my Twitter these days (link here)
  7. Thank you <3 I'll be trying to draw some more varied stuff in the future, maybe a little forum giveaway? Who knows~
  8. Another dump of stuff I did late last month / this month! Been in a bit of a funk so I haven't drawn/sculpted as much as I would've liked to x.x
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