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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    @Cyan How much longer we need to wait??? And when u will make us able to buy transparent transformation scrolls as the simple transformation scrolls? Feels like we gamers are in some fcking anime game, with weird animal transformations, i don't believe that everyone here are absolute fans of ugly transformations and why the hell you have then character customization if u want us to look at some fcking shugo or bunny running around, do we look like we have zoophilia??? What is wrong with that i want to have a choice to use transparent scrolls or simple ones and why i need to pay more for that stupid transparent ones make them equal, because it makes me wanna leave the game, because i am sick of those fcking bunnies and dogs and whatever other shit.
  2. Enchantment Stones & Daevanion Marks of Knowledge Mail

    It's my birthday today may i make a wish pls? May i get the beautifull long hair that viola had, please, I have a prestigious pack and i could never find them pls pls Cyan!!!