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  1. Greetings, I am a very old player who is thinking of returning to Aion in the near future. But even before i think of returning, i need to know if sorcerers are ANY good at pvp now? I remember sorc was a crappy class to play with in pvp when i was still playing...
  2. I keep hearing mixed opinions on the sorc class. On one hand, people say that the sorc class is useless... and on the other, people say that as long as your geared and have skill, u can kill any player of any class. As a super geared sorc, what is your opinion about your class? Do you still struggle in pvp? and only manage to kill undergeared people? what changes would you like to see happen to the sorc class? EDIT: you don't have to be a geared sorc to state your opinion on the sorc class. I just kinda feel like someone has to make a post about this, because I feel like the sorc cla
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