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  1. I have no issues with the Devs basically stating they won't honor the Daylight Savings time change, but it seems like the instances and sieges in the evening are an hour late. If they would shift them an hour earlier, I believe everyone would be happier. Current: 8 PM Server for instances during the week 9 PM Server for siege during the week Suggested: 7 PM Server for Instances during the week 8 PM Server for Siege during the week No change for weekends or middle of the day...but then the Daylight savings doesn't screw over 1/2 the US for these American servers...
  2. Considering how much @Cyan has been inundated with crap as is, I think he's been doing a phenomenal job. Probably working the maintenance issues/prep for tomorrow.
  3. Great to hear about the updates/maintenance, but how can we ensure to "Use any of your remaining Gold Protectorate Coins before it's too late" if Danaria server is down?
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