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  1. PVE Gear for Chanters

    Roger that, thank you for the advice. Have a great day sir.
  2. PVE Gear for Chanters

    As of now i'm fairly new to the lakrum area expansion -and 6.7 in general- haven't played since 5.0 :'), i'm currently level 77 chanter and i have two questions on my mind. 1)Where is the suitable spots to farm kinah ? 2)Which dungeons are beginner/fairlynew player friendly, to gear my self from ? Appreciate the help in advance ^^.
  3. A Returning Player

    Ah, Great, Thank you for the swift response.
  4. A Returning Player

    Greetings Daevas, Here is MrDestructo, A returning Daeva who is in dire need of help. I'm a level 65 Chanter-Disoriented and puzzled- Last time i played the game was in summer 2015, i had all of my skills( SkillBooks,Stigmas.. etc.). Now i need a refresh of how things are, apparently all of my skills are grayed out. I Can't remember where the skill masters where ^_^'' and i need a short version Sit-rep on how is the game state as of now specially for the Chanter Class. Cheers.