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  1. Its a joke, finish the video you will find that he got zikel's apostle
  2. True true, but when i look at the dps tree for chanters, you will find our highest skill talking about all ADV stigs/daeva, you will find that our highest skill is Resonating Dance 3.4k Physical damage, then Mountain Crash 3k, then you take a huge dip to our rotation filler attacks, you will find them with 400~800 physical plus they apply a penality on chanters physical attack, i have on my chanter 22.5k phys attack and i tried this on other classes, their seem to be a physical penality on staffs not doing maximum dps. All i want to know is why would they penalize a chanters dps so hard, when
  3. It is just a train of thought, why does chanters have a really low DPS, recently with how Altars/Sieges and many other activities that are DPS reliant doesn't favor chanters because of their low DPS on their kit. Compared to our sibling class clerics, which does greatly on both why wouldn't they balance the chanters more so people have the same degree of freedom DPS/Support that clerics have. ( and please don't cite the pasts of how chanters are meant to be support only, clerics are meant to be healers only as well, why are the roles reversed or why did ncsoft create this Grey area)
  4. i mean fine, its already hard to come by enchanting stones making it account tradeable will make it easier to farm across characters but people will still buy from BCM, they don't need to buff the chances of getting it for free, just keep it the same but enable us to migrate Materials from character to character.
  5. Make enchant materials account warehouse storable again 🙂🙂
  6. Roger that, thank you for the advice. Have a great day sir.
  7. As of now i'm fairly new to the lakrum area expansion -and 6.7 in general- haven't played since 5.0 :'), i'm currently level 77 chanter and i have two questions on my mind. 1)Where is the suitable spots to farm kinah ? 2)Which dungeons are beginner/fairlynew player friendly, to gear my self from ? Appreciate the help in advance ^^.
  8. Ah, Great, Thank you for the swift response.
  9. Greetings Daevas, Here is MrDestructo, A returning Daeva who is in dire need of help. I'm a level 65 Chanter-Disoriented and puzzled- Last time i played the game was in summer 2015, i had all of my skills( SkillBooks,Stigmas.. etc.). Now i need a refresh of how things are, apparently all of my skills are grayed out. I Can't remember where the skill masters where ^_^'' and i need a short version Sit-rep on how is the game state as of now specially for the Chanter Class. Cheers.
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