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  1. quitting again

    So,i was hoping the situation could change after the 5.0 but this game has an unstoppable decline.... I've quit for 4 months after the 6.2 came out but then I've decided to give it a chance. Now im speechless. First for what they have done on my class's skills (sorcerer) and second for the character slots. It's ridiculous on EU they have free slots max 13, meanwhile here, only with prestige, max 12. Years ago EU was worse than NA but nowadays is NA the worst Im really disappointed
  2. quitting again

    oh im italian ,for that reason i've asked it. It sounded italian
  3. quitting again

    im saying it just because it's sad..im here since 2012 :/. And yes it's hard to quit, almost impossible, but not playing constantly and not focusing so much on it, is basically leaving. Your nickname sounds italian, are you?xD
  4. quitting again

    first isn't drama e second im not so selfish to think only about myself. Just is sad there are few people online after the 5.0 and with the slot thing, there will be less.Just that. Why do you need to attack..?
  5. quitting again

    i feel an idiot with other classes
  6. quitting again

    i meant sorcerer is my main,the others were just for events. And i was thinking also i doubt someone has empty slots and all the chars are surely geared too and it would be bothering to delete one to get one free slot or to create a new account just to try the class.It means people won't come back,that i meant
  7. quitting again

    i can't play other classes...i have a sorcerer since 2012 and i refuse to play the others.
  8. quitting again

    it's ridiculous the fact you have to pay to have more slots, we have a lot of classes and it's obvious most of players haven't any empty slot. At least one they could add for free
  9. quitting again

    no stun,less silence...so what do i suppose i have to do?Run away? My DPS isn't good in pvp and now is more focused on pve. But slots aren't free until 12 on EU meanwhile here you have to pay to get more than 8?
  10. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    ohh i have to check if it's translated in my language!Yes there is!! Im reading a King's book but i wouldn't recommend this one
  11. im Italian and i don't see the problem honestly :c
  12. New Class is coming?

    .....it looks soo ridiculous
  13. New Class is coming?

    I've read a post from Vashiro where it says is coming a new class that will be revealed on 28th November.... looking the few pictures of it, it's really similar BnS's class... as the 6.2 hasnt enough rubbish now they will add this class lol @Arxaggelos-KT What it could be?XD
  14. New Class is coming?

    also this.... why does it remember me Industria from an old anime ('70)? i would know what it will happen to Panda...it says there will be new capital Daeva... it sounds like an industrial area... in a fantasy game... funny https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/4458-New-class-in-Aion/?postID=81567#post81567
  15. New Class is coming?

  16. New Class is coming?

    after seen the video...i absolutely dont change my mind... it really looks ridicolous. Like the gunner and the AT, this one is another class that hasnt any sense in a fantasy game like Aion. I feel like that class is ruining the scenaries just shooting colors...meh, i dont know why but it remembers me a game called Portal. =/
  17. New Class is coming?

    well...the most stupid and ridiculous thing ive never seen.... im speechless about the new class
  18. New Class is coming?

    i wouldn't be surprised if that class will look like BnS's char...it's not the first time they copy and paste
  19. New Class is coming?

    it would be better a joke
  20. I've lost interest in this game since the 5.0 but i didn't have the courage to leave it but after seen the patch notes...i definitely quit it. This game has been mutilated,sigh
  21. Sanctum is really beautiful and the boat is really cool...still thinking the reasons they will put those horrible walls. Like cutting everything is the solution to make Aion great again. For example Beluslan,the right part of the map should be useless but you can still explore it,Alukina's palace ecc but isn't blocked like Pandemonium or Sanctum.
  22. yes that's ok,the problem are other things removed at once and the "anime" style is becoming this game... . of course I'll give a chance to see how on NA will work but, first of all, the walls in Pandemonium will be painful... i love every place of that area and i don't understand the reason to put stupid walls
  23. thinking how the people can be happy with this patch...i really doubt the old people will come back...also because it's sure they've already tried the patch on EU servers....