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  1. Spinel Coins and Grey Wolf Marks

    Question noob, where do you buy a minion with spinel coin?
  2. divine fortress without protection

    you are one of them and you know that you can not organize more than that
  3. We take the fortress so that the high rank of asmos can be inside killing all the rank below that they want to make the instance, is it an error or will it always be like this? Will we have to go to our fortress with the help of the legion?
  4. problem with pvp weapons

    If this is the case, I need an artificial stone, with both arms I have 5600 mb. That's why I do not understand, I know I'm new, but I really can not understand it
  5. problem with pvp weapons

  6. problem with pvp weapons

    Someone who has experience in the game could explain to me why these two weapons with a difference of 5% pvp attack perform exactly the same damage in pvp. I really do not understand https://ibb.co/mmY62m
  7. Pumpkin King's Haunt Reward and Instance List

    These first-come first-serve Detonation Stations will only appear hourly between 6 -11 PM server time each day. please, somebody find detonation stations ... I still look for it send a screenshot im noob
  8. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Cyan please help me I need to discard my house to transfer my character help me