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  1. AION Mobile App

    Wow they made that app 7 years ago? There wasn't many people who uses smart phone during that year so I'm guessing lack of users prompt them to ditch the app. Wonder if they'll make it back, I won't mind paying for it.
  2. Landing Level 6 extra entry

    Everything is a Lie, the Cake is a Lie. Disappointment after disappointment.
  3. AION Mobile App

    Wouldn't be nice if they would make a mobile App for AION that would allow you to: Access your inventory (enable you to sell/destroy items) Access the broker (e.g. buy and sell stuff from your inventory). Access to crafting/cooking/alchemy/etc (but items required should be available in your inventory). Trade items with other players thru mobile (would include the function of seeing your list of friends online/playing game/busy/etc.) Just my two cents. I know this might never happen but somehow for me this would be really awesome.
  4. Best Title for Sorc

    Haven't seen a thread about Titles here and just want to ask you pros what's the best "Free" Title one could get for a sorc? Just started the Miragent quest and just wondering maybe there's a better title in exchange for this. (Searching in google just led me to a 2013 post so maybe it's outdated)
  5. PVE Gear Replacement for Cygnea Campaign Gear

    Okay, roger that. Well I guess I'd farm for more Kinah and Level up fast, still have 1 week of 300% xp buff. Thanks a lot BlackRaven, appreciate the answers.
  6. PVE Gear Replacement for Cygnea Campaign Gear

    Thanks for the Info. Quick question though, is the AC gear better than the Cygnea +10 Campaign Gear? I find it hard to get Apollon gear cause they're expensive at the broker and groups for COE don't invite me cause i'm only lvl 70.
  7. Hi Guys, just want to ask what's the easiest best replacement for the Cygnea +10 Campaign Gear? Been using the set to level up from 55-70 and now I feel like the set is at its limit. Where can I farm for the new gear? Also where what's the best accessories I can get for PVE. Any comments would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  8. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    Noob question: Is the Ancient Coin Gear better than the Cygnea +10 Campaign gear?
  9. Essence Help in SORC

    Thanks Sofie appreciate the info. So confused with the whole new system
  10. PVE SET for SORC LVL 55

    Thanks for the reply. Just to get it right BM=Blood Mark right? Well I guess I'm gonna finish all my campaign first and maybe run around the new maps to get me familiar. Thanks again.
  11. Essence Help in SORC

    Hi I'm a returning player and new to all the essence thing. I can't find a guide in google on how/what to do with the essence points directly related to a sorc. Is there any related guides I can read so I can understand essence more? or any advice on what to do with it? All advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. PVE SET for SORC LVL 55

    Yes already had the set. Thanks. BTW any advice on the accessories? and where do I get some good ones. Thanks for the reply.
  13. PVE SET for SORC LVL 55

    Hi Guys I'm a returning player and haven't played for 3 years+. Just a noob question, what gear is best for Level 55 sorc to just survive instances and questing up to level 60/70+? Thanks.

    Yeah I think so too. I tried playing for a whole day, just spent my time relearning all skills, cleaning my skill bar and googling all of it at the same time. Thanks.

    Hi Guys, returning player here. I have a level 55 Sorc and hadn't played after 3 years. Just want an opinion if what's better, create a new account or continue my lvl 55 Sorc? Thanks in advance for the advice and opinion.