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  1. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Nope, and in fact it always has to run as administrator.
  2. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    One of the people in my guild had the same problem, he said give it a day and try again. Definitely restarted my computer, but never thought to run in compatibility mode for windows 7, since I've been running it fine in windows 7 since I got it. I'll try that right now. Nope, still nothing. Not even a process running in the background in task manager.
  3. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Since the 2019 update, the launcher for the game won't even start. I don't have the time to sit around for hours and constantly restart the client download to redownload the entire game. Something must be fixed. The window comes up asking if I want to allow it to start, like windows always does, but then nothing happens after I say yes. Am I the only one with this problem, or is this something that's happening to others, as well? If so, how do I fix it short of reinstalling the game, which will likely keep me offline for a month or more?