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  1. Aion September Preview

    And oh its been a while since minium big boxes were on shop :3 please put them back pleaaase my clerics sheba gotta eat
  2. Aion September Preview

    Natural magic stones.... please with prowess set (apparently) getting deleted in 6.2 and NA not having sufficient way to farm this skin... please make the stones rain or gear itself (EU has simple primordial creatures drop them and event where now any lvl 66+ mob in illuma/nors drops)... theres no wallet harm for NCsoft to give us easy access to the skins too, pretty please!!! (Need 140 for full set +60 weapon hence why we want them to rainnnn)
  3. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    Oh also if anything shall be changed in UA to dropping population is quest quota.... haven't seen 100% in ages
  4. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    i said LESS than 5 minutes! They'd probably have to search what siege is, then what name of boss is for 3 forts and maybe even Kaldor boss ^^;
  5. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    @Bryos-DN how can you just with straight face say "suck it up you dont have to kill deity to win siege". Okay, you are not wrong. But, when they were designed sieges on Korea, you could easily see 800 players on the siege (full battlefields on each faction approx 400 each)... And don't forget that NA players are shugos who always take +1 because now even AFKER gets full contribution GP. Deity kill is too hard for current numbers and its litreally one line of code NCsoft would have to find and delete some zeros from that HP number. Less than 5 minutes work for their programmers and I'm sure the leftovers of playerbase would be really satisfied. My suggestion would be to not only divide by 5 Deity and other things HP, but also reduce the number of people who can get rewards.
  6. Aetherforging

    Hey guys, here is detailed promised guide whoever are still leveling I uploaded the excel file onto Facebook group if you want to personalize it for your current level. Cheers https://imgur.com/a/i2jJ2qD
  7. Giving Grove 2018 Danaria Collect

    Just an idea (wow im such a genius), make a raffle after you make a seed. And then winner gets to feed a tree and keeps title. Woah such insight
  8. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - June 29, 2018

    Well, goodbye trees...
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 27, 2018

    Please don't fix nors/illuma/levinshor camp consumables if that would require extra maintenance, I already leveled 3 trees worried!
  10. Where to gather/find processed Abex meat in Aion?

    But you got CUTE SKIN which likely going to be extinct at 6.0 as old crafts getting deleted
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 27, 2018

    Boo, was so looking forward for giving groove guess gotta wait one more week
  12. Costume Rotation

    I'd buy multiple prowess sets even if they were costly on rotation but one can only dream.... Or natural magic stones on BCM or in event!!!! Please!!!
  13. Mirash Sanctum door won't open

    It should have. I once DC'ed with 2 gylphs in my inventory so I just had to guess between two stones. One was wrong and the other one was right and door opened. So my bet is that you gave up too early before finding right one

    Many league leaders do that, including Fencer on asmo, Christei on DN elyos, Zenyuri on KT elyos , and maybe I missed few more. People keep getting long CD which hurts most the people that can only do EC on weekends such as myself. Even without CD, on elyos side re-queuing already means 10-15 minutes, so with CD is like losing 20-30 minutes. Before I used to report people who kick non-afk players, but weeks and months pass and I still see same people doing same kicks again and again. SO what's the point? I tought @Hime said that wrong kicks are not going to be tolerated and yet it is. If you can't control this, then remove kick feature.
  15. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Been in and out pvping/pve'ing for past 4 years I'd say and I still have this, I think some people just can't overcome this psychological barrier. I lost to many equal geared/skilled players because of clicking wrong skills or getting dizzy and not realising im silenced when i can use greater healing pot.. SO yeah... x_x My advice get geared to the point where even if your heart rate triples and you are on the edge of fainting using random skills, you still not die.
  16. Arena dodging

    I think better idea would be if you queue for arena of discipline - you use your entry. Pass or not pass- CD is burnt. Would be harsh and give alot of QQ's but maybe not so many dodges. Worse than dodge is when you wait a minute to not get dodged, enter and the arena is already halfway into first round.... Nyerk'ed over by time bonus Orz
  17. When XP boost ends?

    Rotating weekend bonuses start with SERVER TIME hitting 00:00 of friday and ends at 23:59 on sunday.As I write this comment, you have 19 hours of this double XP left.
  18. Weapons and Armor

    Master Harvester's (purified Harvester's / apollon) Harvesters armor (BoS/ event boxes) ~ im surprised you used name bastion of souls not narkalli, lol ~
  19. leveling incentives?

    Well you just missed like 3 months in a row had triple xp week. SO yeah, about that. Aion NA has been doing rotating weekends: double XP - double drop- double crafting - double AP. So this weekend is double XP. Again double XP will be in 4 weeks. Other than that nothing mentioned.
  20. Costume Rotation

    Am i tripping or cyan edited his post and now i look like complete fool.. maybe my forum didn't load properly ;-; why tthere is no option to delete my own reply smh
  21. Something off happening in dredge

    Nah they just got random officer pug who quick queued
  22. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    So like right now, most of us dont even bother running aoe. If they remove kinahlimit I would probably run it like 20 times a week with dual client, + coe 1b +supps with dual client. What do you think will happen with kinah? And trust me there are alot of players you dont even know about who farm alot, and if they did remove the cap , economy would be not the way it is.
  23. YOu needed to create both male and female versions to participate
  24. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    Do you want inflation? Because that is how you get inflation
  25. Luna workshop

    > Graceful club tree If you can't craft those, better just keep luna lights till you get something you like for yourself, might come in handy once you get some mount or 24 slot pet