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  1. How could I forget this gem.... <Couture Clothing> ?! This costume is awesome been extinct for ages..
  2. Doesn't matter, you can't put any weapons, for example candy weapon skins nor any luna weapon skins. It was intended. And are you sure you can use normal gear with stats in wardrobe? As far as I saw was you can only put "armor" that is clothing.
  3. @Ladychant-KT after you get it restored, sell it to broker because for magic classes Valontes strike is useless
  4. Heat-KT

    ToE bug

    Yeah I just sent support ticket as soon as I made this post ^^ thanks @Cyan @Aly-DN
  5. Heat-KT

    ToE bug

    Hello- I know you may say "we already know" about ToE boss being nerfed, but did you know, that on asmo side it is still hard mode? Now I am in favour of both bosses, rather its hard + GP or easy and no GP, but I think It's rather unfair that elyos side can farm minions way faster and effortless while asmos have to actually get a good group together to complete the instance for 3 contracts. Please check out my link (NOTICE TIME, boss fight is 15 minutes apart) https://imgur.com/a/GZ2kokf .
  6. in pvp 9k damage godstone does 390 damage look description, says "on monsters".
  7. tbh not sure if its "full rework" but they're adding new material so I just auto assumed recipes might get changed too and my "source" is my friends so....
  8. Thank you @Cyan !!! I got baited and overpaid for denku tho without realising it is on BCM, but Im still very happy Luna is getting full rework at 6.0 so hope to see somehting new then wardrobe wasn't made for gear and you can't put any weapon nor armor in there.
  9. unpin this irrelevant post already
  10. Took me a while to even find name of this one also long-lost costume: Silver Daru Fur Tunic (and other pieces: Cap/Shoes/Gloves/Leggings)
  11. >Forest denku skin set >wave song weapons >sea feast weapons >porgus costume
  12. @Azzmaria-KT all you said is irrelevant now that it broke again and wont be fixed till event ends!
  13. Mailbox after using "select all" and then "take all" wont loot the letters. Gotta loot one by one.
  14. @Cyan I believe, Crucible Spire Ranking Season was extended due to last weeks bug of people breaking their records but ranking wouldn't update. And here we go - it broke again. So what was the point of extending season, if the team didn't fix the problem? Running event competition ranking broke again as wel. Sad. Would really appreciate +10 manastone bundle from survey per character as it was easier than easy to get it with casual playing.
  15. had to scroll too long for this. Hello? What about competition rankings?
  16. And now I can't log in account that has my main Heat, because I was on Danaria doing event while it happened https://imgur.com/a/6WhIk
  17. I love how you talk before getting your facts straight. Yes, wings do have their own box, but they have always been in the wood-looking accessory box ever since 5.6 or w/e patch hit. Hats are not in the armor box and they never been there. On database hats have separate box, but they never been introduced into aion NA.
  18. more glitches: > trampoline part throws you sideways sometimes or makes you stuck in the ceiling OR makes you bounce off the ceiling to the ground; >instance not ending even if all 6 people have reached the final >templar shield really isnt working
  19. Yea... I understand that our bad connection is not NCsoft problem but would be nice to be able to reconnect... my proxy been unstable lately and I dc before using keys sad
  20. please please take care of this this is big issue
  21. this event has way too many glitches, even tho they "delayed" the event by 2 months to fix it smh
  22. u have instacast Escape tool in your inventory when you enter the event
  23. oh my, it took me so long till I figured that you're talking about the pvp event where you catch blooms flying in the air of pvp zones! Honestly I highly doubt it as they're killing a lot of old events (both shugo vaults, alchemy, circus, eggstravaganza didn't came either, so....)
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