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  1. where is safepoint at +6 on accessories!
  2. no i mean... afk 10 clients if you have means for it. I don't know whose these chars are but as you can see all standing together, looking identical, most likely for snake event. More bundles more chance to get sports card!
  3. Pretty sure it will be similar like it was with first skill card bundles. First exclusive on grove garden event, then it was on shugo board as a reward from gold card and then they appeared in Luna and price just drop drop drop.... maybe not in luna but im 99% sure in next 2-3 months everyone and their alt and their mom will have the sport skill cards. OR DO THIS https://imgur.com/a/fRfdy
  4. bidding is actually best- no drama, want item- pay up to every participant. Only ppl who can complain about system like this are crazy RNG gods
  5. I don't think they were trying to help. I reported these people who kicked everybody like this, but still waiting for reply. Gonna post the reply when I get it.... I hope they will get ban.. idiots
  6. I don't have problems with crashes, but since my computer is old , additional process (xingcode) caused me a huge drop in FPS and I also freeze alot ever since.. and hackers are still on the loose.... so whats the point
  7. just gonna leave two pictures here https://imgur.com/a/saD4G these people didn't even ask to be kicket yet people doing this bs
  8. Nobody reminded about upcoming rotating weekends as there was no April previw Burnt all my cd's on toons I want to level on wednesday/thursday.... sadness............
  9. Your reasoning about hats is slightly wrong . Aetheric field pieces are more than often cheap on broker, but problem with hats is that you can only get your class, and girls are crazy about leather one I have a few cloth hats myself but they simply suck. But ya those need to be from pre 4.8 BTW I had that leather hat on EU and just saying- it interferes ugly with the new hair (long n straight and ponytails)
  10. don't get me wrong guys, I love those hat series just as much (and I don't have one and I wish I did), but don't you think it will be Dream Fairie's Costume all over again? Like, first day every SW and Cleric with same skins, and then..... after a week nobody use it any more. Have my own costume on luna warehouse... beautiful skins get forgotten if people overuse it (for example red riding hood one of best skins..) ... I think this is exactly what would happen to these hats if they came out.
  11. Whoever came up with these prices must have something not right in their heads. Tempering solution on your web shop is 2 dollars. Then here, you put i for 350 coins. 350 coins is 4 hours of work!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME WHO THE nyerk IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WORK FOR 0,50 USD PER HOUR????????????????????? WORKING IN DAMN MCDONALDS IS 32 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT THAN PLAYING THIS STUPID EVENT!!!!! WOULD YOU IN YOUR OFFICES WORK FOR THIS 0,50 an hour??? FOR U AMERICANS ILL COUNT SINCE YOU DONT KNOW, ITS 960 USD YEARLY SALARY you LEGIT CANT BE SERIOUS, YOU THINK WE ENJOY FARM?
  12. extra reward was minion contract 14 types and 3 level reduction stones.
  13. actually if you have brain you can just calculate it by simple maths all you need is + - * / and to know how many minutes there is in a day and google average sleep time of adult person, you don't need to actually "observe" to calculate the possibility.
  14. let me ask you, if at work you wouldn't know how much you get paid per hour, and knowing that the more work you do, the less you will earn (per hour), would you keep working? And everytime you ask your employer how much you will get, he says "haha idk lets talk later"
  15. Can NCSOFT do us a single good surprise and ninja the NPC back with the maintenance after all??? Because right now is just disappointment after disappointment, event with great potential turned into ridiculous zerg / MOSTLIKELY unworthy farm. I swear to god guys. If omega after all is going to be 100 or more coins, meaning that you think 1 HOUR of our time is worth 1 dollar as you put Omega for this price in NC store....... I'll never buy ANYTHING from NC store nor from players things from there including boostpack im like legit enraged how you treat ur customers like wtf Jay made anallog
  16. Listen man, duplicating is okay... reboxing also seems okay. What is NOT okay, is that before you rebox, you keep the multiplied one. Everytime they rebox they should've taken away all the multiplied ones. Also don't give us crap that you don't have connections... I used to get denied on items below +15, I used to level characters to lvl 66 just to get denied again from restoration because item was ONCE restored on another account. Even biggest idiot in the world would understand, that you multiplied the manastones using your already +25 and above gear (which for common person is not even pos
  17. Can we get any kind of heads up about NPC return date? Or at least upcoming prices? Like, literally any information? We, community, also have plans, and act according to information about events.....
  18. if you're removing it from luna, remove it from glory aswel
  19. Umm also adding to topic, could somehow league be bigger than 192 players? I was 5 minutes late and already got into new league... and worked hard but got no reward. Maybe people go + bring their alts, I don't know, but every week I see a lot of people missing chance of getting into first league @Cyan
  20. This item still drops, solo sauro till shugo takes like 3min? Do it twice a day and you will get it eventually. Keep believing
  21. oh ic, didn't find reply cuz of all this flood in this topic
  22. Soo... nobody gonna comment how this kick in evargale isn't working?
  23. see that's what I'm talking about, people will give vices to potential "leaders", but vices can't talk properly in between other alliances in league. This is recipe for disaster. Is there a job opening in support team as you will need more force? I'd like to apply
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