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  1. When am I going to get 5 star officer title for the character that lost its rank because of merge?
  2. Hello, Level 75 geared and experienced bard looking for PvE legion that runs serious instances such as CoE (Full runs), BoS, Toe. Preferrably most active at "American night" (2 AM cst- 12pm cst) Can anyone recommend a legion and name their BGs? If there are no active high-pve legions at my specified time, please do tell what legions run BoS (Besides solstice-TM)
  3. NPC to trade in AP to GP is back in levinshor. Is this intentional?
  4. Hey, you didn't mention enabling 64 bit client. I hope it wont be forgotten! fps 32 bit lag is real
  5. Dear @Cyan, can you please take care that after the event Elite Treasure Chest Key stay tradeable? (after last event keys became untradeable and i had stuck 11 boxes till now.. QQ)
  6. ok Katalam MIGHT have been #1 voted name, but Danaria? I am 99,9% sure Ereshkigal won 2nd place. Please show us poll results. If poll results are unshown, then I will assume that NCsoft just chose names THEY liked most, not according to the poll. Servers didn't have to have "matching" names lol...
  7. Stormbringer motion Rebel assassins shoulder skin primal spirit leather hat CHEAPER major felicitous socketing
  8. Last year it was 24 hours. I mean in real life your birthday doesn't last 2 weeks does it?
  9. Hello, Code Red event promises for Elyos two weekend NPCs, Nellina Sat, Sun Buff to increase movement speed and XP gained Dalloren Sat, Sun Buff to increase item drop rate Drop buff one (Dalloren) working as intended, but instead of Nellina, theres NPC Dallea that gives 3% pvp defence rather than XP/speed buff.
  10. I think aswel that for NCsoft would be a really good move right now to double XP. Kumuki scrolls would probably roll from shop like crazy
  11. Love the new Kumuki system!! cant wait to buy ALL THE DRAGON WEAPONS. Ty NC team!
  12. Transfered 2 toons today (1 to Siel one to ISraphel). Nice!
  13. Don't worry xpink, forum said "Once the servers are confirmed to be running stably, we will reopen free transfers temporarily for those with faction conflict to transfer away from." So all you have to do is wait till actually merges happen and then you will be able to free transfer again.
  14. Looks like IS is out of transfers for this week aswel?
  15. Lets say I leave full account warehouse on BR elyos and full account warehouse on SL elyos. What will happen to my items in account warehouse?
  16. I like Azaphel & Ariel aswel, but perhaps two servers could be named by two most OP bosses in this game which are ???. Or just keep names of most populated of merged server.:)
  17. This forum is amazing! Can't wait for new avatars and/or personal photo adding as one
  18. I agree with what's said above, however, I think your suggested 4 hours is a bit too harsh. 1-2 hours would do the job.
  19. Still waiting for arena season rewards....
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