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  1. @Cyan any chance you could say a word regarding this topic? ty
  2. Yeah i know it wont happen in this event but maybe consider for future events. And yeah, to be honest I thought about that after i posted this lmao.. Thank you! ill be doing that for the rest of the coins
  3. why make it untradeable or unstorable in warehouse but make it possible to put it in broker i lost alot of coins trying to get em to my main and i wasnt even put it em for like 1 kinah or some shit like that. can you guys please make them tradeable @Cyan @Hime @Gideon
  4. The BCM still bugged. Any ETA of when it will be working again?
  5. @Cyan can we please get an official answer?
  6. @Cyan please stop with this weekly rotation nonsense! we want as many skins on BCM as possible lol.. just to name a few Couture Clothing Summer Sun Uniform Dream Faerie's Costume Comfy Coveralls or if you guys still putting those weekly rotation put more than 2 or 3 crappy ones! Also would be really cool that when you buy a skin of the BCM would come with 50~100 transparent scroll as a gift . Another thing that would be really awesome would be if you guys put the old skins that we could craft from the luna thingy for sell on the GST.
  7. yeah i know but might get locked before they do
  8. Just got the Ice Gem chest in a mail. Are we still going to get those 2 mirash reset scrolls as you stated previously? ty
  9. Any chance when can get the original transformation system? lasting 10min and also no nerfed stats? would be nice
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