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  1. New EU world drop.

    I wonder if with enough petitions NA aion can actually do something like that, this would improve the broker economy (Increasing the number of guiding stones for sale) but actually making it fun to grind. Heres something to discuss:
  2. Prestige *NO plus* for this event

    https://gyazo.com/e27f8084daaf53f1e57e57fed5838145 veni, vidi, ignored
  3. Trillirunerk's Kinah Stash reward

    250k average price
  4. Good Job Ncsoft

    if they want people to support the game why not change BCM stuff? Luna prices? only brain dead people will buy stuff when they are highly overpriced. Btw they can easily make tons of money by changing the ancient contract guaranteed for a legendary, 100$ for a legendary is acceptable, but charging on an event is just lame
  5. Compensation, how are you doing it?

    4 sieges per week 4 conqueror gem, 800kap, 4 enchants for losing 8 conqueror gem, 2.4m~3m ap depending on the grade you get, 8 enchants, 4 idd scrolls Not to mention mines, ap pvp, weekly ranking rewards and etc.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I hope its just like aion content stream, a bunch of non sense with lack of production and skin show off, not to mention hime with 0 knowledge about the game and a dev who only appear once in a year
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    https://gyazo.com/1430b481d3372772fc46d872ea1842f2 Veni, vidi, ignored

    are you pretending?

    Stop making topics about it, theres like 3 already
  10. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Someones butthurt cause spent 2k+ to get a legendary
  11. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    1 selected legendary is too much to ask for, 1 random legendary doing s rank everyday is ok otherwise people with 8 toons on one account will have a kaisinel by the end of the event.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    They fixed the flower thingy in the same day, they listen to our feedback once and a while
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    1 random legendary guaranteed if we do rank S everyday is the least we want, no need to make 2000 coins reachable with alts, but 1k coin its a must
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    So, did 2 S-rank runs 1 before reset and other after reset. I got 12 keys total which is 12 bags I have 43 coins total, so average is 22-23 coins per run, we need like 11200 ncoins worht of reset to get legendary select transformation. Seems like its a money sink event
  15. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

    Idk if its funny or sad the lack of transparency from ncsoft, usually when a bug like this happen devs work to fix it, if they need to wait an answer from korea why the hell gideo is the dev from Ncwest? Funny, but sad.
  16. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    It is if you have people working on it.