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  1. Guess which server is bugged again?

    I cannot believe that the server has been bugg for more than 4 hours and that the GMs do not deign to give a damn answer to the comments on the forum when it is their job to be aware of the server which should be in "optimal conditions" which It is a clear sarcasm with the lag and mistakes of this update, there are several GMs (@Hime @Gideon) who are practically non-existent the only GM who was serious with his work and was aware of the community was( @Cyan) which no longer He accompanies us more, his attention to the players is missed and his terrible memes on maintenance days.
  2. NA returns our entry to IDD

    First of all, a cordial greeting to all who read this post, I would like to put a complaint and discussion that has been pending for a long time in our NA servers, which has been a great annoyance for both veteran and novice players, we are talking about the only (1) entry to IDD-Infernal Drakenspire Depths or two in case of having a prestige package, NA has not only lowered the loot of the ultimate feet of the instances in general, but also has made the drop buffs practically useless. when looting a boos, with all these advercities so that the characters can be equipped NA takes away 3 more entrances that are by default both in Korea, Europe, Japan and Russia. NA is the only one with aion service with this characteristic. It is time to make the relevant claims to technical support so that these entrys are returned to us.