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  1. Aion needs an optimization patch, because even if you have a computer with higher requirements than those required by the game, there are gigantic fps drops in various maps, not to mention an error that has remained for a long time, the crash causes a stoppage of screen for a few seconds when you are near a character of the enemy faction.
  2. I cannot believe that the server has been bugg for more than 4 hours and that the GMs do not deign to give a damn answer to the comments on the forum when it is their job to be aware of the server which should be in "optimal conditions" which It is a clear sarcasm with the lag and mistakes of this update, there are several GMs (@Hime @Gideon) who are practically non-existent the only GM who was serious with his work and was aware of the community was( @Cyan) which no longer He accompanies us more, his attention to the players is missed and his terrible memes on maintenance days.
  3. First of all, a cordial greeting to all who read this post, I would like to put a complaint and discussion that has been pending for a long time in our NA servers, which has been a great annoyance for both veteran and novice players, we are talking about the only (1) entry to IDD-Infernal Drakenspire Depths or two in case of having a prestige package, NA has not only lowered the loot of the ultimate feet of the instances in general, but also has made the drop buffs practically useless. when looting a boos, with all these advercities so that the characters can be equipped NA takes away 3 more e
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