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  1. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    Most likely wrong. The reason for EU's speed with the update is that they just dropped 3 languages from their localisations. Usually NA and EU waited around the same time until an update was released. HECK, EU even caught up with NA on 6.2 yet with 6 languages in total vs 1 language in NA. They dropped the localisation of those 3 languages (ITA,PL and SPA) for various reasons which were adressed in their last Daeva's Tavern. This sped up the process by perhaps 2-3 months of further testing. With that being said and mentioned you gotta reconsider your statement. Additionally EU has collected a BUNNNCHHH of voltunary QA Testers that love the game with passion and want to contribute to the development and it's Update speed. EU is now very fast. I think if anything, NA might start to RUSH and bring you an incomplete or bugged 7.0 within a month from now. So maybe 2 weeks after EU if anything. EU however is quite far from what I know. You will have at day one the Siege, Altars, instances and more.
  2. EU Cares About His Community

    Wrong. This is not a Korean patch. It is something GF has control over without the technical assistance of KR. The only thing they will need KR NCS for is adjusting the morphing design recipes. The rest was solely handled by GF. ~Vashiro