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  1. I saw someone asking "how to play paint master?" so I came to the forums to check if that was the NA name for painter in some 7.0 release info I didn't know about.
  2. Yeah I don't really enjoy solo pvp as a sorc, group pvp is fine. At times it does feel like anything sorc does another class could do it better but we don't have to be meta slaves, if you enjoy playing sorc that matters more for me. Also since most of aion pvp is about gear, if you are more geared than your enemy you will destroy them easily but that's not so fun to me.
  3. Some people will buy reset scrolls to do the instances more times in order to obtain enough gold coins for the rewards that are not obtainable without resetting. We are suggesting that we will do the extra runs on our alters instead of using reset scrolls. We'd be doing the exact same amount of effort as someone who bought the reset scrolls. I think you understand that it is pay2win but let me clarify for you. Obviously having legendary transforms are better than not having them, that seems like a win to me. There are no bonus entry scrolls on the broker in EK-a right n
  4. I understand NC wants to prevent people from farming legendary transforms on all of their alters but it should be possible for people with terrible rng to get at least 1 legendary transform so I think it's good if it can be stored in legion or account warehouse.
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