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  1. Based on past weeks' experience. All time below is server time. Monday: 6pm - 9pm Tuesday - Friday: 7pm - 10pm Saturday: 4pm - 7pm Sunday: 2pm - 5pm
  2. @Cyan Regarding the Evergale Canyon queue algorithm, I have some suggestions here based on the Asmodian side's experience, maybe the team can take into consideration and even put into action: 1. The current premade alliance is taking too long to get a pop. One of the reason being there are lots of asmodian players in the quick queue entry (although not all of them are active players, i.e. afk players... I'm sure similar situations happen on the elyo's side as well). And pre-made alliances with full 24 active players are not getting priority queues at all. Personally, I think there should
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