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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    I love how out of all the problems with this patch, people mainly care about their precious skins.
  2. Aion 6.5 ?????

  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    So if you're prestige, combining the runs of PF, IDD, BOS, COE, and FM we should get 22 boxes in the survey right?
  4. Hey guys, does anyone know if the shield defense stat works towards aethertech's shield?
  5. This isn't their fault... They just pass us the information. The most they can do is take our complaints higher up the chain. Try and direct your anger in the right direction.
  6. The only thing NCwest listens to is money. The best thing anyone can do at the moment is cancel your prestige and don't spend a penny on the BCM. Hopefully they'll eventually get the message and realize the game is rubbish right now and needs some big changes.
  7. Siege buff again ?!?!

    The siege buff barely did anything. We got an extra 15k HP and I think 1k PvP stats. Considering Asmo's were outnumbered 4 to 1, the buff seems pretty fair to me. Elyos just need to get better at PvP and push back instead of running.
  8. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    The game is pretty damn shitty right now, but I'm sure NCsoon will fix and change things at some point.
  9. Hi guys, me and my friends are considering returning after quitting around a year ago. We were just wondering what the game is like at the moment, the economy, PVP, PVE, etc. Most importantly, is the game still full of cheaters that NCsoft refuses to ban? This was one of the main reasons we quit in the first place. P.S. we are/were Asmos playing on Katalam. Thanks.

    Just look at the NCsoft reviews (as a company) and compare it with another company like Blizzard. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/NCSOFT-Reviews-E23242.htm https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Blizzard-Entertainment-Reviews-E24858.htm Aion is a fantastic game, perhaps one of the best MMO's, but NCsoft is a terrible company.
  11. looking to start

    If you like PvE you'll have fun as long as you find people to play with. If you like PvP do not play this game, I repeat, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. It is infested with cheaters and NCsoft refuses to ban them. If you enjoy PvP just save yourself the heartache and steer clear of Aion.
  12. still worth playing again aion?

    Very simple answer: If you enjoy PvE, go and play. The latest events have been quite good. If you enjoy PvP, don't waste your time. There are far too many hackers and NCsoft have no plans nor incentive to ban them.
  13. What's wrong with SFT?

    This was happening the last time we had SFT. For some reason, the instance is prone to send-logs. Looks like they still haven't fixed the issue.

    I and my entire legion quit the game because of these hackers and the lack of concern by NCsoft. All of us were frequent paying players and were sick and tired of putting so much time, effort and even money into the game just to be beaten by a cheater. The lack of concern by NCsoft is what really did it in for us. This has been going on for too many years. I have been playing since 2009 and never thought that something as stupid as this would make me quit. All NCsoft has to do is take the initiative and uphold their end of the agreement written out in the terms and conditions, that they will permanently ban hackers. I know we are not the only legion that has quit. You are losing hundreds of paying customers because of these hackers. This game is dying because of these hackers. It really baffles me why NCsoft just doesn't seem to care that they are losing A LOT of money. Imagine how many more years this game would have lasted if it wasn't for the cheaters. Imagine how much more money they would have earned. We started playing other games whose developers actually care about the playing population. I seriously encourage you all to do the same, it is incredibly refreshing and finally makes gaming enjoyable again.
  15. Explain this!?

    Someone, please tell me they got banned? This was initially posted 10 days ago... Does anyone know? If not, this is the exact reason I have practically quit Aion.