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  1. I agree, the arenas and their competition system are plain stupid. I loved arena PvP back in the day, especially Harmony and Tenacity. The current state of this game is a joke.
  2. The issue is that the dates on the competition ranking specify that the season is 28 days, not 30 days. For example, the last season specified that it would run from the 17th of June to the 14th of July, not the 16th of July. People who do their next season's harmony runs during those two extra days are essentially taking advantage of a bug. By NCsoft not doing anything about it clearly implies that it's okay to exploit bugs in the game, even though their terms and conditions say otherwise.
  3. I've noticed that Silent Shot, one of the aethertech's daevonian silence skills, only lasts 4s in PvP, while the standard version Aetherlock Blade lasts 5s. Both skills say they last 7s on the skill description. It's not really a great skill considering it has twice the cooldown and only slightly increased damage/range. Regardless, is this skill working as intended or is this bugged?
  4. Still no official response to this? This is clearly a pretty significant issue. If it is a bug/exploit, how many other players are taking advantage of it?
  5. Just tested this on my alt, don't think this is the case. It's just worded really badly, the manastone slots stay at 3. I'm pretty interested to see what support says about this, because this is still unexplained...
  6. I'm complaining about the current enchantment rates. Only within the past couple of months have I had problems with enchanting gear above +10. All my other pieces were relatively easy. Yes I would still fail a few stones, but not as much as I'm failing now. I use to be able to get both legendary and ultimate pieces to +12/+13 easily with legendary stones, but now I struggle to get above +11, and even ultimate stones are failing at an insane rate. I've now failed 5 ultimate stones in a row at +13 on an ultimate piece. It seems to me that enchantment rates for legendary/ultimates have changed in
  7. I've now failed 7 ultimate stones on my ultimate necklace between +11 and +13. Considering how difficult it is making an ultimate stone, these success rates are just atrocious. The bottleneck on gear progression is making me play less frequently... I don't know long it will be until I just give up on the game. I don't mind spending a little bit of money on gear progression, but when the RNG is so bad that even players who spend hundreds/thousands on the game struggle just as much, you know there's a problem.
  8. I've been prestige since the beginning of this patch, and after this month's prestige finishes I won't be renewing it. At this point in the game, I find there to be no real reason to keep it as the rewards are negligible. Here is my take on the rewards prestige currently has to offer: - Most of the items in the prestige vending machine for prestige coins are either overpriced, useless, or both. The 15k title is actually pretty good, but once you get that there isn't really anything else in there worth bothering about. - 30% AP boost is pretty useless. Now that HM gives so much AP I f
  9. Agreed, I'm finding these enchantment rates to be worse than ever. The amount of legendary stones I'm failing on legendary gear is insane. I can hardly ever even get past +10...
  10. Just wanted to give this topic a bump because I'm convinced there is something going on with the current rates. I just recently used 36 legendary stones getting my legendary shoulders from +10 to +12, after which I gave up using legendaries and used 4 ultimates to get them to +15. I'm now having the same problem with my legendary gloves, where I have now used 16 legendary stones and haven't had them go past +11, currently still at +10. A while ago I was able to get legendary items to +13 relatively easily with legendary stones, but now it seems near impossible just to get them to +12...
  11. The game is free to play, they need to make money from it somehow. The event really isn't that bad, those willing to spend a little money will be able to get a legendary transform by the end of the event (not to mention they will still have to work for it doing numerous instance runs). Those who are truly free to play will still be able to get decent rewards, including an ancient transform contract. I'm not defending NCwest, I've been playing the game since 2009 and don't think I have seen them this bad before - they were never perfect, but the current NCwest and Aion team is atrocious. I
  12. Umm, have you seen the cost of the rewards? Ancient Transform Contract Bundle = 3000, Floral Treasure Chest = 1750, Daevanion Skill Box = 1500. We have the event for 3 weeks, meaning if you have prestige and do ALL of your instances, you can get one ancient transform contract at the end of the event, or maybe two floral treasure chests/skill boxes. You can also get petals from open-world but they will be hard to get when you're competing against everyone else farming for them, and they only drop 1 petal. Lets be honest, the reward list is fooling you into thinking its a good event, when in rea
  13. Will there be any kind of compensation for the past two weeks of not being able to obtain the correct contracts from instances?
  14. @Cyan There is a very common bug in the new Pandora PVE instance where people cannot see the boss or target it. The only way to fix it is to relog, but this bug causes so much confusion that it has made me lose a lot of runs. Is NCwest aware of this bug?
  15. Could be, but this could also be because of the class changes. I can now beat the floor I was stuck on before, but that could be because AT's got a pretty big buff this patch
  16. Instances: 17. Changed the stats of some monsters in the Crucible Spire. Items: 6. Added items to the Challenge Coin merchant. Challenge Coins can be acquired from Crucible Spire. This is from the patch notes - the stats of the monsters seem to remain unchanged, and there are no new rewards. I have seen this mentioned multiple times in the maintenance and known issues topics but @Cyan hasn't responded to this particular issue yet. Can we please know what is going on with this?
  17. Can you please provide some insight into the Crucible Spire? The patch notes said there are new rewards available, but there are not. It doesn't seem the instance has had any kind of changes whatsoever. Multiple people have mentioned this since last week but you have made no response on this particular issue, are NCwest even aware of it?
  18. NCwest's marketing strategy has always been like this. Almost every aspect of the game is a grind, RNG is pretty bad, the economy is screwed, bugs take months to fix (or don't get fixed at all), etc. All of this forces the whales to spend endless amounts of money on the BCM. There's a reason the transformation contract pack is $100, because its incredibly difficult to get a legendary transform through the game alone, not to mention the ultimate one. That transform pack is their number one seller and likely their primary source of income from the game.
  19. @Cyan In the new Pandora PVE instance there is a bug where the bosses won't appear for particular people, and the only way to be able to see and target them is to relog. This is a major issue and can cause the entire league/alliance to fail.
  20. @Cyan No info on instances still dropping the old transformation contracts (50 types instead of 62 types)? What about the Crucible Spire rewards merchant? Patch notes said he has new rewards but this hasn't been updated yet.
  21. Ditto. That chest doesn't last long enough for everyone to roll on all the loot. Almost always kicks everyone out before all the gold manastones have been rolled.
  22. Looks like you're in a bit of a pickle. There is no mention on the patch notes that the new transformation contracts have been added to the BCM, only: 1. Changed the Transformation Contracts and Daevanion Skill Boxes to versions that include the new Transformations and Daevanion Skills on the Gold Sand Traders. Which means they have no obligation to give you a refund/give you new contracts. But hopefully considering how much money you spent they'll do something about that... That is just ridiculous. I'm sure they must have intended the new ones to go on the BCM. The ones that are dro
  23. Multiple legion mates have said the same thing, enchantment rates seem to be screwed up...
  24. The transformation contracts that are dropping in instances are only giving the 50 type contract, not the updated 62 type that should be dropping (and is available on the golden sand).
  25. Items 6. Added items to the Challenge Coin merchant. Challenge Coins can be acquired from Crucible Spire. The Challenge Coin merchant has no new items, I'm guessing this is not as intended.
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