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  1. Have you seriously never heard of name change tickets? If you have indeed played since beta then you would have thought about that before you start accusing people of lying (which in any case isn't a good idea).
  2. Let’s check back on those server populations in - let’s say 3 months and see how they are - and see what they start adding into their cash shop in the next few months Since people have such short memories of the last times new servers were created in NA. I’d say EU is a more promising candidate for Aion classic.
  3. I understand your point regarding mechanics and for someone who never played classic - I would agree - my concern is more regarding all of the payment models and the effect on the in game economy and how players could be affected
  4. That could well be what people want however they won’t be getting the game as it was when it was first played here. - that ship has sailed. It HAS been altered, I’m a number of ways by KR I enjoyed the game from beta until recently, while I find it amusing that you don’t find it rude to label all of the NA population to have the same mindset ( I.e. insisting on tweaks) it’s not so amusing to ignore the effects that a classic server would have on already struggling retail servers in NA. Indeed check out from about 6:13 as l’ve been saying- this is not the same model as Aion classi
  5. Here's a thought - why would you start out saying that every region is different then go into a detailed comparison of NA versus KR? As you said, it doesn't apply to people playing in NA, nor their game experience. Nor is it necessarily relevant if OP will be playing in NA. I won't go into more of your comparison to physical vs cloth as magic vs plate because that is so over-simplified it's just silly given that there are 4 cloth classes and 3 (technically 4 because AT is both magic and plate) magic classes and are you seriously think all of those fight are equivalent? Mind you-
  6. 1- Who really cares about numbers after only 2 days, let's check in after 3 months and 6 months and talk again about booming servers with queues 2- Nothing is stopping GF from opening their own classic server 3- oh forget it, no point since this conspiracy theory is pure speculation, it's much more just based on lower operating costs for all of their games
  7. Are you at all aware that even when this game was at its most popular (and I did play then) - they were forced to change from the subscription model? and that the classic server (in NA, if it follows KR) would not be ONLY based upon a subscription model? You seem to think that you would be able to get by only on a small subscription - almost certainly not with what would likely be a small population. Not to mention, once again - the effect that it would have on the existing servers- unless you do want to kill retail Aion. That's fine, I'm not going to pass any judgement - just pointing
  8. I'm not sure how you see the West coast has suffered so badly in the past. Actually the East coast was far worse off when the servers were moved to Austin, it certainly affected my ping. Which is not to say that having servers on the East coast only is ideal - I would be happier if we had both East and West coast servers as well as maintenance when we had Daylight Savings Time applied - but those days are over since we don't have the numbers.
  9. Terrible idea..comparing the Western community (NA) to KR doesn't make sense since you're talking about a much, much smaller community. Doesn't make any sense, you would just kill off the existing servers that much quicker and the classic server wouldn't last that long anyway. Anyone who compares Aion to WOW's numbers as well is really disconnected from reality. Not only that , but KR is bringing back Aion classic not as a true classic version with only a subscription model but with a cash shop so again no thank you.
  10. Mind you, when most people read that there are really only a few people of "Insert class" on one server , on one faction that count, it might just trigger a slight worry. Just slightly. It isn't only gear. Here's a clue -- as @Malachyte-KT started to refer to - it can be unforgiving. It was always fast-paced. Other classes are not *as* unforgiving of a mistake particularly in OW. By the way, name a *mark* that sorcs are best now in OW? or a class where they are the anti-class? You still haven't done so.
  11. 1- Once again, you can't keep your own argument consistent. You cannot even agree yourself on which classes are strong and in which scenarios. 2- No one has said , except you- that sorcs are bad or unplayable. 3- If you go back and read the thread, the people who actually play sorc have given reasons but you refuse to consider them. 4) If you played some of thsoe classes- from what you are saying I will assume you don't- you would probably be of the opinion that SMs have far more ways to disable virtually any class, certainly a sorc, and that SW shields are far superior in a
  12. Of course sorcs are fine against sorcs. I would say they have a decent but not easy time against SMs and SW - but I would still put the odds in the SM's favour - SMs have WAY more in their favour to debilitate the sorc than just comparing silence and bind isn't a factor (against a sorc). A geared SW is no pushover either. Incidentally, sorcs do not necessarily have *huge* amount of stun skills- they have a choice, they may not run all of them, and they need to use them very carefully. You said temps were OP before . Now you're saying that a temp who isn't geared won't kill a sorc. Well
  13. Kindly don't de-rail the thread- first of all - OP is asking about sorcs in PVP- secondly - there is at least one thread about that (not that it's so popular -s o draw your own conclusions)
  14. Well, let's see. If again we restrict ourselves to 1 v1 and don't wander all over and mix in " OW with other parties " . Stick to a sorc out in OW, 1v1 . Point 1- Tell me what the sorc is a counter class now- I'd be interested to hear what you would name.. Whereas if I looked at a ranger, a lot of people would likely say that they are a counter to sorcs or SMs. OK Point 2 Let's look at clerics and templars? Very little weaknesses as you admit Sorcs still not doing so well Point 3 Let's look at, let's say - vandals. Great mobility, much better CDs,
  15. Right. To summarize 1v1 sorcs are fine. Now to clarify, I'm not talking about arena, but OW. Except if vs sin, ranger, maybe vandal. Except cleric and templar are OP. LMAO-- do you even realize how you contradict yourself? So that leaves the other cloth (SW, SM, sorcs) glad, and AT. Now in OW I would say that in this grouping sorcs have the hardest time. Feel free to dispute this. Incidentally, I haven't said that sorcs are "rubbish" however if someone wants to PVP on a sorc then they will get far more enjoyment on virtually any other class with much less effort for 1
  16. If you want to know the game's direction, check the Producer's letter (not that i was so impressed by it). The CMs (not GMs) don't actually decide the game's direction however that being said they do have influence and we've had some good ideas and improvements to events - see our latest CM @Kibbelz
  17. That reply doesn’t even make sense - sorry 1v1 against what? if another sorc, fine lol No, OP don’t. waste your time playing sorc now - I think the comment regarding fast combat is semi- accurate- part of the problem is that sorcs aren’t easily capped with respect to cast/atk/run speed and they now have classes that can put out damage quickly with better defenses and shorter offensive CDs. Would suggest a fun easy class like vandal.
  18. FYI - this region has no servers located in South America, all of the servers are located in North America. You'll probably find an equal number of Spanish speakers on either server. This is purely Google translate:: Lo siento, no puedo ayudarlo, pero solo quería informarle que esta región solo tiene servidores ubicados en América del Norte; no hay servidores en América del Sur.
  19. actually it does not "solve the problem"-. This analogy isn't pretty but it's all I can come up with - it's like putting a band-aid on someone who is bleeding out- you may feel better but really aren't improving the patient's outcome. Having events that improve the chance to get ultimate and permanent contracts is far more fair and balanced than wasting valuable marks on temporary potions, and which do not contribute at all to a player's progression.
  20. Also more reasons why idea is useless in practice.
  21. Is there any chance any of your alts is named "addicted"?
  22. I can't see that anyone who doesn't work for NCSoft can truly know the details of their business model, nor do we know exactly how many people pay, nor how many people pay absolutely nothing. I can say that not a single month has gone by in the last 11 years where I have NOT paid- so I have hardly failed to contribute to the ongoing game maintenance and support. Now, I would consider myself someone who actively supports the product however I am not all willing to sink 3 figures or more just on ONE item, and then in future continue to sink money because there WILL be more money sinks in or
  23. NO, thank you. I am perfectly capable of calculating exactly how much that will cost me - yes- you have conveniently not put actual minimum currency - $- in there- nor have you any thought at all for those players , even in NA- who don't pay in US dollars. This isn't any kind promotion after 2 years, it's a response, most likely to those bleating large mammals who have sunk oceans of money even though the odds in each event were never published and there were never guarantees of rewards. The guaranteed reward should be available in-game to F2P after some collection, or "x" nu
  24. @fearemall-DNPersonally I would rather have the TV or the other items I can spend money on - given the things like prestige or BCM payments that will be necessary in future - than spend this much on a game that will close down and leave me but memories - and Aion will close down, all games do eventually. In addition, if the future of Aion is in the mobile version - well i have no interest in the mobile version.
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