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  1. I and others cannot stay in game at all. It has ruined a number of runs. No one can do the event.
  2. A lot of players are getting send logs. We had a bunch get them in siege.
  3. After talking with a few legionmates we also like 250 per side. To lock the eye you would need all 4 forts. To open the eye you need AT LEAST two forts to not be owned by the balaur. The more forts not owned by the balaur will effect what world bosses can spawn. It can be any boss from the game. Have these world bosses give GP as well as manastones, tempering, omega and the normal drop for the boss. Do not set a real timer to the bosses. This way people cannot just time and farm the ones they want. You can make it like the sky islands where it is random how many kills of the mini bosses, the
  4. With the server merges coming I had a thought on how to make panasterra very viable. Since there are 4 forts why not make it similar to the old tia eye thing. Each fort owned would add a buff to the faction that holds it. 1 fort PVP def, 2 forts XP 50%+, 3 forts pvp att and drop rate, 4 forts <something productive>. If a group owns two or more open a portal in panasterra for the old tia eye. Have open world omegas in there, chances of tempers, random world boss spawns in the center. This would bring back massive pvp. You could also ask about making panasterra two times a week. Wednesday
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