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  1. I am with this doubt because I want to finish my set maximizing the maximum my attack, some say 300 others 390, which is correct? ncsoft through a ticket said that you can not give me this information, and then someone else would have this information? Thank you in advance!
  2. Thanks for the answer! I am wanting these status for pvp, my set is prime 75 +15, wing +15, brac +7 with 2 ancient attack +8, dagger and sword +15 with 3 power slots +9 a +10 the rest +7, a dagger is power +7, plume +6 59 attack 101 crit. Pants with 3 power slots +8 and 3 slots +7, one part of the set is attack + 5 / crit 9 the rest of the set is +7 precision. All accs prime 75, without idian http://prntscr.com/gn5jrq
  3. I put a +10 manastone on the sword of my SIN and it did not have much effect on my attack, I already saw some sin's with more than 1,350 of attack without buffs, how can I get to that?
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