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  1. we had 2 weeks no ap no gp bug and after we thought u guys fix every thing u gave us now the most bad event in aion we ever had but ok just event and it will pass but now u auto ban players for nothing ? my main account got ban and other account alt for me got ban too its auto ban for nothing aion every day become shit many bugs , bad events , and no one from gm or support care about us anymore and now just auto random ban ??????? just shut it down if u cant fix it or maybe u don't want us to play or u just hate this server just shut it down or do your jobs and fix this game and stop break what u get from kr just to change prices or make it more p2w because u break other things then u cant fix it 1st one was ap , gp bug now the auto random ban ???????? @Cyan we need answer about all this stop ignore us let other gm answer us if u don't have answers so as i waited 2 weeks to ap , gp fix now should i just wait 2 week to fix this auto ban bug ?