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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    Always truly devastating to hear that someone from Aion has passed, no matter what the relationship nor how close it was. Friend, stranger or "enemy", we were all at one point or another connected by one common interest and will always be a part of this community. My condolences to you and your families during this tragedy. - Raerbear
  2. Aion KR

    you can have someone else make an account and/or verify it for you without getting banned (some people say you should make sure to use korean VPN n blah blah but personally i never had any trouble without one). unfortunately i don't have any names of anyone who could help you since my KR accounts were verified 6+ months ago there are sites where you can buy clean/new verified KR accounts for like 10 bucks but i'm not sure i'm even allowed to say that here :thinking:
  3. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    even with Know 6s you should be well above the cap with COE/BOS accessories and decent armor anyway, that aside Harvester/Harvester is the best option even if you somehow aren't MB capped just because of the PvE attack % as far as i remember there's nothing new in the near future (5.8 etc) as far as PvE MB staves go but i don't wanna say that's 200% true in case i'm wrong, pretty sure i'm not though
  4. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    yea i understand that, but originally you said your concern was that since you aren't planning to use higher level stones so the stat loss might actually affect your DPS without Sacrificial Power which implied maybe the rest of your gear wasn't good enough to be past stat cap w/o Sacrificial Power, but yeah it's pretty easy to be MB capped or almost capped without high level Knowledge stones even without Sacrifical Power
  5. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    +1 about Concentration gear, anytime i do PvE on my alt Clerics that don't have lowbie Rentus shield & the old eternal Crucible cloth hat it's very frustrating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyway, even if you're socketing Knowledge 6-7s (really for PvE just spamming 6s in a few pieces is perfectly fine and super affordable) assuming your accessories are at least full Apollon or better (Harvester) your Crit Spell will be fine for any current content, the 5% PvE attack will make up for the lack of MB + outside of solo PvE there's always buffs and debuffs from other classes to boost your Magic Boost & Crit spell, but nothing/no one can boost your PvE attack %. an AP/AP staff would give you around 130 less MB than the Harvester/Harvester and obviously 0% PvE attack, Harvester/Mythic BM you would gain like 40 MB over Harvester/Harvester but no bonus PvE attack. Harvester/Harvester is the best PvE option for Cleric until they release a Magic Boost PvE attack staff. i'm curious what you mean by if you don't want to turn Sacrifical Power on, assuming you're DPS spec there's no reason to keep it off/not run it and if you need to toggle it to heal, you aren't gonna be DPSing anyway. regardless of what weapon you're using, that -200 MB from not having Sacrifical Power is going to be the same but maybe i'm just not understanding what you are saying edit: another (temporary) combine for Harvester staff would be Apollon since those are extremely cheap but Harvester/Harvester is still the best because of the bonus PvE attack from Conditioning.
  6. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    yeah you can achieve similar speed as a casting speed scroll with a staff by using an attack speed scroll with mace but you can also use an attack speed scroll with a staff for even faster chains/instant skills and that's not taking into consideration the 5% PvE atk (vs 130-150 Magic Boost and 100 Crit Spell) "if the developers didn't include it, they don't want your class to use it" isn't really relevant given Aion's long history of not including specific gear pieces for certain classes with every important patch (Cleric MB PvPvE staves*, Songweaver PvPvE attack speed gloves, Aethertech gear in general, etc. most if not all of which get added inevitably) on top of all that if you do a quick search on the Korean website 99% of the Cleric profiles that you go to use double Harvester staff, very very few who have a Harvester mace with Magic Boost/Knowledge socketed
  7. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    double Harvester staff vs Harvester mace & shield is something like a 130-150 Magic Boost and 100 Crit Spell difference + the 5% or so PvE attack. assuming the rest of your gear is decent you will still have plenty of Magic Boost for any endgame content and the Crit Spell loss isn't game-changing considering how much you get from accessories & Knowledge manastones. even if the stat difference was bigger i would take an attack speed Chanter/physical staff over a casting speed Cleric/magic mace for DPSing pretty much any day since DPS Clerics mostly use instant or chain skills, the only skill that really benefits from more casting speed is Call Lightning (i don't include Punishing Earth because chain skills) but the attack speed pays off a lot more (and is just much, much smoother especially at higher ping). tl;dr Harvester staff > mace.
  8. i was working on a Cleric equivalent but i ended up too demotivated, maybe i'll pick up where i left off and keep working on it ¯\_(ツ);_/¯ hardstuck in writers block
  9. Support Chanter at Endgame

    just something to consider: Block sets are somewhat a thing of the past for both Clerics & Chanters and the main difference between lower end shields like 70 Arena and endgame shields like 75A/80 Ahserion are the amount of Block they give (which for reference is almost 300 more on 75A and closer to 400 on 80 Ahserion). nowadays you're better off investing in a Strike Resist/Agility set which means you don't need to compare the base Block or even +15 your shield since you won't be blocking anything but maybe some mobs anyway. i would highly recommend checking out Yec's Ultimate Introduction to Chanter guide if you haven't already, even as a returning player it's a great thread and covers what you should be looking at getting as far as 5.1/5.3+ gear goes. for a Strike Resist/Agility set you're better off throwing in some (2 or 3 is ideal) 75A armor pieces with Agility +9 or +10 manastones for the extra PvP defense & Godstone Suppression but the full Mythic BM armor set or anything like the old 65A Shadowshift/Seraph and R1 Mythic Overlord/Evangale sets are a good place to start (especially if you already have them from before you quit). Block sets can still be somewhat viable but you need a lot of pretty costly gear (full 77 Boundless with either a 77-80 Boundless or 80 Ahserion shield) and most endgame geared physical classes can tear through it with ease anyway. also, on the topic of gloves, i don't think there's been a pair of Casting Speed chain gloves since the old R1 Eternal AP gear for Clerics or Chanters, always had to use an alternative which nowadays is like cloth/chain 65 Mythic BM, 70 Arena, 77 Boundless, etc.
  10. [Cleric] Healing Boost Cap?

    i don't think Hinotorii's response was about any replies on this thread given the "stats for Bastion of Souls" comment since BoS wasn't mentioned aside from very briefly in my post
  11. [Cleric] Healing Boost Cap?

    can't edit so double post but also keep in mind that the 3.5k-4.2k+ HP you get from using an HP set might sound like a lot but it's only maybe one or two boss skills in most endgame fights including entry level stuff like adma/theo HP sets definitely aren't bad and for newer healers i think they're way better but later on you're more likely to benefit from having that permanent extra healing boost than the extra HP/defense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. [Cleric] Healing Boost Cap?

    no1 is even gonna read this i'm sure BUT you could always just resocket your HP set to HB as opposed to making an entirely new set but with Archdaeva gear you can only use Healing Boost +3s, so a full set would give you 12.6% increase on all of your heals whereas using a 65 set with Healing Boost 5 or 6s you would get 21-26% so it's really up to you whether you think it's worth trading 4.2k+ HP for either amount of permanent heal increase with a decent HB set you can easily reach more than enough HP (20-21k+ with okay gear, even better if it's enchanted) with self buff and/or external buffs for all endgame content including Bastion of Souls & Trials of Eternity but if you aren't very experienced then falling back on the extra defense that an HP set gives can be safer (or even just an HP mace/shield) might sound counterproductive but using a HB set also lets you turn off Benevolence more often in fights where you might be struggling with mana while keeping your heals fairly high (i rarely bring Benevolence when i'm the only chain/solo healing CoE 3 boss and instead take Chain of Suffering since i rarely turn it on if no one can tank Typhon since i can only Mana Treatment like once every 60s during fear) doesn't apply to everyone since a lot of people don't care about PvP but PvE HB sets are also really advantageous in PvP whereas HP sets are only useful in PvE! here are some examples of how much more you get out of your heals with a HB set comparing the base heal, with Healing Boost +3s, and with Healing Boost +6s (not including anything like Benevolence or the base stats you get on your armor and weapons). some might be a little off as i'm not gonna triple check everything: +0 Ripple of Healing (Stage 3) Base = 2,634 +12.6% = 2,965 +26% = 3,318 +5 Ripple of Healing (Stage 3) Base = 3,134 +12.6% = 3,528 +26% = 3,948 +8 Ripple of Healing (Stage 3) Base = 3,434 +12.6% = 3,866 +26% = 4,326 Flash of Recovery Base = 2,820 +12.6% = 3,175 +26% = 3,553 Healing Light Base = 1,346 +12.6% = 1,515 +26% = 1,695 Healing Grace Base = 3,130 +12.6% = 3,524 +26% = 3,943 Flash of Healing (Stage 3) Base = 4,211 +12.6% = 4,741 +26% = 5,305 Splendor of Recovery Base = 3,295 and 1,156 HoT x5 over 15s (total 9,075 per ally) +12.6% = 3,710 and 1,301 HoT x5 over 15s (total 10,215 per ally) +26% = 4,151 and 1,456 HoT x5 over 15s (total 11,431 per ally) Splendor of Rebirth Base = 548 and 548 HoT x10 over 30s (total 6,028) +12.6% = 617 and 617 HoT x10 over 30s (total 6,787) +26% = 690 and 690 HoT x10 over 30s (total 7,590) Ripple of Purification Base = 4,671 +12.6% = 5,259 +26% = 5,885 TL;DR Healing Boost sets are really nice whether you're using +3s or +6s and also give you a big advantage in PvP when used properly
  13. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    while there wasn't an exact date given as a heads up regarding unrestricted transfers, they have been mentioned multiple times in the last week or two and even prior to this you should have been looking to get rid of your estate in preparation for transferring knowing that they would be happening in the very near future;;