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  1. I just want more skins on the BCM.. instead, I'm gonna derail this maint thread with a picture of my cat sleeping under a blanket on my lap :D
  2. I'd still like to see the Forest back in our hands, like Aria said. And if the point hasn't already been hammered in.. That's the only area we can reliably go to for autohunting since Timeless Terrace was not meant to be autohunted.
  3. 30 hours?! Dat quick edit 😛 but I already shared it with everyone.
  4. Gonna agree with Aria to make that Forest of Life a permanent feature *nods*
  5. Fine and dandy, but I'm still going to campaign hard that the housing needs to be reset, too. That's stll the biggest sack of shit with this merge.
  6. No. Absolutely not. Do not under any circumstances give any special treatment to Katalam. They don't deserve to keep their character names or their housing. If Danaria is getting reset, reset Katalam as well. There's no excuse for that bullocks.
  7. This sounds like a terrible idea... You guys have a history of forcing players to choose only 1 faction to stick to when prior merges happened. Essentially forcing us to delete the faction we don't intend to play or we can't even play the game. There's no way I'm going to delete my original Asmos that I had since launch just because my priorities shifted to Elyos. On top of that, you'll once again murder the housing market z.z Lets not even talk about the issue with character names cause we all know that's an issue for a lot of people. No, I think this is just a plain ol
  8. After talking to a friend about the auto-hunt thing.. Is it remotely feasible to make the instance itself a permanent feature and only allow auto-hunting in there? It is one of the better sources of exp and you can choose to AFK it auto extracting for Bobonerk's Gems or Experience Extractors depending on what you need.(If you're needing them for Bobo Gems for PvE stones, we gotta bring back a way to get Legendary and Ultimate Guiding Stones again.) I think it'd be a good idea to keep it around and have a controlled environment for auto-hunting rather than throwing everyone into the
  9. Mmm.. we're gonna have to wait and see how this plays out, right? I'm indifferent about that change until after it happens and we see what it's like.
  10. I'm okay with the auto-hunt feature. Since we're in a relatively controlled space, it's hard to say how big the range of the auto-hunt actually is, but I can imagine people dragging mobs to you to get you to move away from the spot you're on. Or drag something that would kill you no matter how powerful you are. Only gripe I have with it right now is how it'll only use Bobo Coins/Exp Extractors at 90% of your exp bar filled up. Would've preferred like.. 75% or something, or to whatever we wanna adjust it to, but it's fine, I guess. Only thing I haven't been able to test is the A
  11. Personally, I miss Dark Poeta and Eternal Bastion for PvE, while I miss Ironwall Warfront and Chaos Arena for PvP. DP cause it was an hour to two hour commitment, and Eternal Bastion cause it was an instance that had multiple moving parts in order to get that S Rank. Veilenthrone doesn't have the same feeling of multiple cogs moving like EB did. Chaos Arena was just pure fun for PvP. A 10-man FFA arena. That was hectic when you had multiple geared players in it much like how Glory Arena felt. And Ironwall being a 24-man PvP instance split off into groups of 12 until everyone met
  12. This sounds like a problem my recommendation cannot help with, then. Dunno what to tell you, I guess.
  13. @Kibbelz It's fine the way it is. I don't really know why Rag is complaining about too many events <_< it's not like you have to over commit. Stagger tham out during the week. Or just skip certain aspects of the event. Like you don't need to commit to getting every single Snowball on every alt. Just a thought.
  14. I would prefer if those quests aren't brought back at all...
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