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  1. Personally, I miss Dark Poeta and Eternal Bastion for PvE, while I miss Ironwall Warfront and Chaos Arena for PvP. DP cause it was an hour to two hour commitment, and Eternal Bastion cause it was an instance that had multiple moving parts in order to get that S Rank. Veilenthrone doesn't have the same feeling of multiple cogs moving like EB did. Chaos Arena was just pure fun for PvP. A 10-man FFA arena. That was hectic when you had multiple geared players in it much like how Glory Arena felt. And Ironwall being a 24-man PvP instance split off into groups of 12 until everyone met
  2. This sounds like a problem my recommendation cannot help with, then. Dunno what to tell you, I guess.
  3. @Kibbelz It's fine the way it is. I don't really know why Rag is complaining about too many events <_< it's not like you have to over commit. Stagger tham out during the week. Or just skip certain aspects of the event. Like you don't need to commit to getting every single Snowball on every alt. Just a thought.
  4. I would prefer if those quests aren't brought back at all...
  5. Personally, I would wanna adjust the rewards to the following or similar: 1) Keep the motion card as is 2) Keep the enchantment stone box, but make it have an uncapped limit depending on how much people would want to reset for it(Said box provides a random Legendary or Ult PvE or PvP stone, so that's not terrible, but the cap might be) 3) Instead of a 15 day box with 1 day mounts, just put the mounts there at a slightly higher price, but as permanent choices(There are 6 different mounts in that box). I don't think you need to put a weekly limit on this, but if the mount was tradeable,
  6. The most sure-fire way to get to Inggison/Gelk level 5 and above reliably is to take the opposing faction's Forts(Good luck with that in this patch that completely discourages PvP) or to steal Omega/Ragnarok from the opposing faction which is easier said than done due to timing constraints.
  7. Just gonna put here that sieges are now 4 times a week instead of 2 times a week despite the Tip saying otherwise: Too many sieges, send halp
  8. More players having access to Ultimates is always a positive. Won't ever say no to that. World bosses... are.. by far.. some of the worst content if you have any in-faction drama. I'm thinking back to when we had Illuma/Norsvold and it was Prov. Weapons that people were aiming to get, really exclusive until they weren't which ended up being better in the long run anyway. I wouldn't mind an event that gave us more S Grade minions all around. As it stands, it's an effort to get there in the first place (Roughly a full month to get enough A Grade Minium to barely get 4 A Grade Minio
  9. @Kibbelz and @Loki by proxy. I know the issue of Daylight Savings Time maints were something that was shelved some time ago(I can't remember when exactly they shelved them), but is this something you guys can look into doing again? With everything coming up an hour earlier now, it's throwing people's schedules out of whack and it's only been 1 altar siege(at the time of this forum post). Anyway, please look into it. Thank you.
  10. Hey Kibblez.. do you think you can also add some maint images for the week?
  11. I would prefer if they actually removed those Godstone weapons, not flooded the server with more of them... Happiest time ever seeing Godstones become unuseable with the Ancient and up gear.. only for them to come back, but even more powerful than before and actually more infuriating. But yes to Lunar weapons.
  12. I failed a 4 combine on Falcyboop, then succeeded the next attempt. What was irking me was combining S Grade Minions 2 at a time expecting to get something different, but kept getting the same minion with the same prefix depending on the minion that was on the first slot. Used up my remaining Restoration Tokens on that only to wind up with the same Stubborn Modor.
  13. I thought it was pretty fair tbh. but I'm still gonna stand by my original point that I want the entire playerbase to run around with an Ult Transform regardless of which one it happens to be.
  14. Open up the new NC Launcher Log in with the account you plan to use first Hit Start game so the client opens up Back on the NC Launcher, click the button underneath the X that shows your profile and hit "Log Out" The NC Launcher will re-open to show you the accounts you can log in(Assuming you saved the ID), click on "Switch accounts" and log in with your 2nd account's info. Hit "Start game" on this one and your second client will open up. I've never tried to log in a 3rd account, but I assume it'll just auto-close it lol.
  15. I've spent $1735 on my main account + another $25 on my alt account over the course of 180 days to buy 3 things: The Ult Transform from the Joker Event(Which I got), Stigma Enchantment Stones during that stigma enchanting event where they said the +12 safe spot wasn't gonna be a thing after the event, and Ancient Refining Stones + Shining Gemstones because that's the actual end game. Then I have Falcyboop's account which I spent $1550 over the past 180 days to get: An Ultimate Transformation on the Joker Event(I didn't get it), Shining Gemstones that are not +5 because I can't spend my mo
  16. Coming from someone who has a Kaisinel Transformation already.. I personally have no issues with having over 80% to 100% of the player base run around with an Ult Transform. The thought process being from before the Transformation system existed where EVERY PLAYER had equal access to 30% run scrolls, 9% cast/attack speed scrolls, their respective crit scrolls, elemental resist scrolls, and the nice crafted food that level 500+ cooking could get you. It makes little sense for something like this to be so impossible to get. So, yeah.. my opinion would be to make the Ultimate Transf
  17. Take care, Cyan. Thanks for sticking around as long as you did. Hope we see each other sometime in the future Stay safe.
  18. @Vantheria-DN The motions are the exact same, the difference comes in the color of the parasol. Parasol Twirl has a black/blue parasol, while the Happy Wedding has a white parasol. I've been personally wanting the white parasol version for a while now.
  19. @Cyan Do you think you guys can sneak this into the store instead of locking it behind what seems like a cruel chance at a Brilliant Promise Ring(And subsequently, a huge loss in Kinah if you spend 50mil and get 20mil back)? My Kinah in this event:
  20. @Cyan Do you think you can forward this over to the Devs and see if they have a fix for this? I don't imagine they do, but anything is worth a shot at this point. (Except reformating, I ain't doing that)
  21. This has been periodically happening to me since as far as I can remember now. Some days I'm able to load in instantly, but the majority is this delay. I don't have anything like that.
  22. That sounds horrible... I'll see about trying it. Also update that I forgot to include. I have the same problem on my laptop when it's connected to my home WiFi or the University WiFi. Even if I directly connect to a modem, I still have that problem. The laptop has a fresh install of Aion, too, and is only like.. a few months old at most?
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