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  1. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    i myself got the prestige pass to make the extra 4 characters but also to run my main toon thru the extra entrys on dredge ib when i can and especially ec since it was helping me get my char geared up somewhat quickly and not even a week into getting the pass its cut off due to ppl exploiting it. it would be nice to know what ncsoft is going to do as comp for ppl who were/are prestige holders untill they figure out what there gonna do about ec. disabling kicking would be a easy fix i would think, but maybe theres more to it then we know. but i wont get another pass until ec is fixed i will say that.
  2. ahh, so long time players are fkd then as far as event goes, , figures.
  3. correct me if im wrong but arnt the end boss's supposed to give keys for the instances on the list , just did a hm run and no key for the box in the boss room, or are the keys another total rng deal
  4. what about the legendary manastones are they staying too or being deleted, the stigma stones i dont ccare about since i cant get mine past 6 anyways so thats just a lost cause i completely gave up on a long time ago , trying to +12 any of them is a pipedream and tbh a joke
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 2, 2019

    they just need to fix stigma enchanting period, trying to enchant them is a joke, even with the stigma enchantment stones 95% of the time they just fail and fall backwards. either fix it or just remove it and open the damn slots up. cause tbh all it really is is a money sink. i know since the stigma enchanting first started way way back ive been trying to do mine and the farthest ive gotten is +6 , i do have 1 at +9 by a miracle crit with a stigma enchant stone, but to go from 6 to 0 to 6 over and over again and again is just total bs.
  6. New map too big for NA aion

    here it is the 9th of september, tbh if ya cant find ppl to kill on the opposing faction in the new area then ya might not be looking hard enough. cause all i know is every time i go there to try and do the stellium quest i get kill by someone mostly from the poco or team poco legion or whatever the hell its called, so i know there finding ppl to kill. i dont get over there very often to do the quests but every time i do to try and do them im dead so getting to the point of just saying screw it not getting anywhere or getting anything done over there.
  7. New map too big for NA aion

    oh i dont know about not running into the opposing faction, im constantly being killed in the new area, im damn lucky if i can even get 1 quest done without a high ranking officer ruuning up on me and taking me out in a few hits. tbh i think iive only finished 2 alter quests and 2 lebo's all week, not even worth my time to go out there if i cant do anything.
  8. i think it would be cool if ncsoft would give us non prestige holders atleast 1 char slot, im fine with prestige having up to 12 , but i mean come on after all these years and adding all these extra class's give us atleast 1 more.
  9. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    as Arhangelos-KT said: Back to your question: It depends on what gear the enemy has, if you are in ancient and he is in legendary he won, if you are in legendary and he is in ultimate, he won, if you are in ultimate +0 and he is in ultimate +15 he most likely won again. I think this hit the nail on the head and cannot be more true. unless your a pvp god, the simple fact of the matter is if your opponent has better gear then you for the most part u simply lost plain and simply especially if they are a decent pvp'er.
  10. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    over 8 months time crafted masterwork ultimate bow, +3 x 15 legendary stones, ultimate crafted jerkin x12-15 legendary pvp stones, gen crystal items, boots, gloves ,pauldrons and hat, around 250 ancients. hat, gloves and pauldrons all now legendary but +0 cant get them past 0. gen crystal bow also now legendary took about 20 ancient to 15 it, but now that its legendary , i cant get it past +3 and ive used nearly 75 legendary stones on it, so i gave up on it and bought the other bow. as far as the ancient wings, legs, both, rings, earrings, belt, necklace, ive used probially close to if not over 1000 ancient and about 500 legendary stones and all of it is sitting at either 10 or 11. so personally im fed up with enchanting, how it used to fail in the old days was one thing, but the way the rate is now is just beyond stupid.
  11. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    well im still in 90% +10 ancient crystal now still after hundreds upon hundreds of fails, so t2 ultimate crystal, not happening, not even bothering anymore totally fed up on wasting grinding for stones just to constally blow every single one of them up fail enchantments. just gonna run a crafted set. so get destroyed now, get destroyed in 7.0, be nothing new.
  12. so combining is better off then, probially go that route then.
  13. im just gonna take a guess at this, but ive probially opened in the area of 15 to 20 cute contracts so far and still have not yet gotten anything better then a B rank, so im guessing to get either sheba or modor or any other really good one you probially need to open what 35 to 50 unless you have godlike rng.
  14. ive been watching the vids posted of ppl doing this looks easy, but as the saying goes easier said then done. for me im not getting far at all, not getting to the 2nd mini or 6 shugo's half the time, mini's keep resetiing on me pulling out of the room , and since im not geared out my ass i cant just go in there and blow up everything in the matter of 3-4 hits hits either, so thats taking more time too. atleast i tryed, just sit this one out.
  15. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    enchanting stigmas right now is just as bad as trying to do gear, to many fails so just wasting kinah by the boatloads. i used 15 stigma enchant stones and ended up blowing my stigma down to 5 from 7, dropped to 4 then never went past 5 again, not worth doing unless u have billions to spend on stones or u can drop a few hundred off your credit card on the bcm for stones.
  16. No way is enchanting not busted

    the enchant rate is horrible, whether its gear , weapons, accessory's, or stigma's and im sure the dev skills as well. i feel the numbers that were given were just numbers that were thrown out there tbh. failure rate is unreal for it to be stated rates. thats why i quit enchanting anything of mine,hell i have tons of problems getting ancients to 15 if i even can, the very few legendary i have i cant get past 3, and red which i dont have any of , if i did im sure it wouldent go to 2.
  17. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    pvp is simple , go try and do a camp and die in roughly 12 or less hits. atleast thats what it is for me anymore, so severely undergeared now its stupid and just falling so far behind ill never catch up. cant get stigmas enchanted, cant get gear to enchant , cant ever seem to get but 4-5 camps done a week if im lucky anymore, i never do the ele side of map , only did that side once. cubic's are no where near done. , but oh well. just a easy target for ppl to finish there gp and kill quests i guess.
  18. No way is enchanting not busted

    maybe some of us have absolutely no luck whatsoever then with enchanting anything in this game. i dont wanna start anything but maybe ppl like myself maybe are not ment to progress since we cant get half of our ancient gear and accessorys from 10 to 15 no matter what we do or what stones we use or how many, we just fail 1 after the other. same with legendary items, hell i cant get my bow past +3 without it going back to 0 then back to 3. and stigma's i have 1@9 rest are 5 and 6 , im probially 1 of a very small handfull of ppl who dont have all there slots open yet, and tbh im fed up trying to do them. myself i give up on enchanting anything anymore, not like it matters im so outgeared im instantly dead anyways. but some ppl maybe do have awesome rng and have no problems whatsoever enchanting anything in this game who knows. who cares anymore.
  19. Enchant rate broken?

    i honestly dont see how the enchant rate is fine, i still have ancient accessory's , legs, top and wings i cant get past 12-13 with constantly failing and ive used hundreds of stones both ancient and legendary, same with my legendary bow, ive used close to 30 stones ( legendary ) so far and most its went is to +3 . and as far as stigmas , don't get me started on that crap, i only have 1 @ 9 every since the enchant ur stigma crap started way back ( most all my stigma's at +5 and +6 ) , even with the stigma enchantment stones your damn lucky to get them to 9 unless you use close to 25-30 of them on 1 stigma. game is becoming more of a cash sink then anything tbh.
  20. upload item after maintenance fails too

    that dont suprise me, i just went thru 50 pvp stones trying to do my bow on my main, went from +1 to +1, . really dont think there ever gonna fix this shit tbh
  21. another question, all these blocked off unusable warehouse slots will any of them be opened up. and can we expect to possible see more inventory space too.
  22. take out cruicble spire

    im a mix of apollon/ harvester and soph fridga gear for pve use , my full 75 ap set i wont use unless im out pvp'n. but depending on the peice they range anywhere from +1 to 5.
  23. take out cruicble spire

    you should really take spire out. the instance is a damn joke, unless u are a self healing class or totally geared out your ass beyond belief your never gonna get to floor 16. so unless the instance is really only for clerics chanter songweavers, and any other class with constant healing why have it.
  24. take out cruicble spire

    all i really wanted to do on main was get the minion from the 16th floor . think there was a blue quest too to finish the 16th floor, but even after this reset on weds, and me going and buying some new gear so im atleast in all 75 gear, i still cant get past the damn statues on the 6th floor. so if i have to go get a full set of +15 or beyond harvester with +7 or beyond harvester accessorys then its just not worth it for me to do just to get the minion. ill just do foo as boring as it is and get the 10 lessers for killing end boss.