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  1. lol, its the 17 days of christmas event, the event is a total suprise and so are the rewards.🤣
  2. dont forget ppl this is ncsoft were talking about, event notes will be posted after game is back up, lol
  3. got my plate of lamb and eggs for brkfst, as i watch the soap ( drama of aion ) unfold . 🤣
  4. grabs a cup of coffee and some danish's and watches the show unfold .☕🍩🤣🤣
  5. 2nds unbuffs laugh, . heres a idea, lol, make the wb really hard for the elyos and just give the asmo's the books since we dont stand a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting the wb anyways. roflmao.
  6. since your the only faction getting them atm, i guess i might as well toss out a few ? on them. how ya liking them. have you noticed any issues or conflicts as far as other skills with them. is there anything we should be aware of if we should ever get them.
  7. thats interesting to know secret, since im saving alot of the items its listing anyhow , , i guess the few peices i can give to legionmates in need that i just blow up for extra mats ill just sit on if thats gonna be something thats gonna take place in 8.2 , ty for the info
  8. kibbelz is there anything you can do about trying o get the price of exp extractors dropped down alot. i mean if we need to start buying them by the hundredfold at 536k ea thats gonna translate into hundreds of millions of kinah and im sure theres alot of players out there that dont have that kind of kinah on hand. i think if we are gonna have to start using them by the hundreds to buy wraps and other items they should be priced under 50k or something. but can u atleast see what u can do.
  9. maybe its just me, but it seems like since this box rewards for doing the weekly quests has turned into such a mess since ncsoft cant seem to figure out whos getting what or did what to get what , that maybe and survey of a few wraps or something usefull in 8.0 would be nice compensation while we wait for them to figure out whats going on. whats your thoughs.
  10. whats your thoughts on ranger passives, i was thinking of changing when i can lvl 82 from acc to atk and lvl 84 from stealth to blessing and leaving the rest as is. but thats my thoughts, whats your thoughts on set ups you plan on trying out or using, it would be interesting to know and see how our class will run with these.
  11. ya i noticed it posted to wrong one, i just havent redone it yet.
  12. whats your thoughts on ranger passives, i was thinking of changing when i can lvl 82 from acc to atk and lvl 84 from stealth to blessing and leaving the rest as is. but thats my thoughts, whats your thoughts on set ups you plan on trying out or using, it would be interesting to know and see how our class will run with these.
  13. hey kibbelz. is it any 12 instance boss's or will there be a specific list posted. can u please clarify this.
  14. i got 7 ult shards today , got 0 the day before. as far as the kills go, nyerk on it, its just ncsofts way of screwing the casual players, the undergeared players will get burned out of there reward boxes and only the top players will get them which is total bs, but whatever. when you can only do a max of say a 5k or so of dmg to a player but they can turn around and blast your up to 40k in just 1 hit , how in the hell do you expect ppl who are not max geared to get ther 20 kills in ,simple they dont and get screwed out of there rewards.
  15. question kibbelz, will the kills count as group kills, or will they have to be done solo. some of us unforutnate players have terrable rng and still dont have 1 damn peice of paragon yet or a single damn peice of bitterhorn after farming that hellhole for months just to get every other class but something you can use. so some of us are still stuck in ult dt and cant do crap against the opposing faction dmg wise.
  16. with the exception of my evasion cubics ( fully finished inc plats ) and maybe 1 or 2 others im less then 5 away from finishing, all i ned is plats to finish all my cubics, im on levl 4-5 and almost all of them on plat's.
  17. ya , you need to figure out whats going on with the drop rates, with prestige and a drop buff, grinding for over a hr and 0 coins, soethings not right, its not woth doing if thats the case. and unbuff has a point, u should update some of the rewards, like putting in imbued wep boxes and things like that. id love to finish my para bow but its become pointless since its virtually impossible to get one since there so rare and near impossible to get thru transmutation.
  18. multiple alts plus main not 1 weapon , ya rng is a nyerk , guess the only way to get all 3 guaranteed is to spend 12k coins at bcm. total bs
  19. its a random chance when you open the gemstone/runestone socket to get a blessed +1/ +2 blessed socket. when i rerolled my dark talon belt to get a green gemstone slot i was lucky enough to get a blessed +2 green gemstone slot on it , so you can get them by re-rolls too, but im not sure if they go any higher then +2.
  20. ive opened about 775 between my alts so far in 1 bunch of 553 and the remainder in 2nd lot to get the minium for minion combi which i was lucky enough to get a S rank hyperion on, but so far ive gotten 12 prisms with some pretty decent usable rewards so far. im just waiting till i get another 500+ to open more up again.
  21. as far as a imbued weapon , tthe only way i will get my 2nd is by transmuting it , theres no way in hell i can beat a script so i wont try to , and the bomb event is a joke also , no matter you go someone either ks's the mob or is running around as if there toon is high on speed and running 100+mph killing the the sec they spawn so screw that event too , this is a event for bots, not human players.
  22. i only have 4 legendarys and 0 ultimates, closest thing i have to ultimate transform is 1 potion, stigmas i have 1@12 rest are 10, nothing but constant failures, tbh about fed up on bothering to try to get adv stigs now, i watch ppl do it all day long , but cant even get mine to 12 , and the 1 i do have at 12 it took a friend almost 150 stones to go from 10 to 12, book wise, i got dp at 10 and reg dev at 11, rest under 5 , anything over 10 just fails, maybe just go to 10 and call it a day.
  23. nothing is ever gonna change, getting legendarys still takes time, enchanting stigmas is still a joke, about the only way to get adv stigs is to buy them have multiple accounts and the machines to run them on or to spend a few hundred on stones at the store, dev books are just as much of a pain the ass to enchant. nothing has changed and nothing ever will.
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