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  1. the 15% of etude applies only in your base hp, this means the hp that is written as a white number. the yellow bonus is added after the % buffs and not before. in other words, the hp retuning and manastones doesn't increase the buff etude.
  2. Phy and mag def are better than HP to don't be too squishy like wet toilet paper. Don't forget healing boost, it is very important too.
  3. Yo prefiero el frío que el calor y no me gusta que el sol me de en la cara, entonces pediría que siempre sea de noche y así estaría más feliz. De esta forma obtendría lo que quiero y por mi deseo habrían muchos problemas como en las plantas y los animales ocasionando mucho desorden en el mundo. De esta forma no podemos exigir que nuestros deseos en Aion se cumplan ya que van a traer consecuencias malas, como inflación por ejemplo. Los cambios se deben analizar bien antes de aplicarlos.
  4. Come to Aion. This patch is the easiest and fastest patch ever to get gear and become strong. Be patiente, dont expect being the strongest in 1 week.
  5. Magic atk gives you more dps than crit. You should focus on magic atk and the crit only in the available retuning should be 25% with food and transformation.
  6. weaving is not a must now. it deals like 30% of the dmg that the weakest and shortest cd skill can do.
  7. since 6.5 auto atks deal very low dmg, so you shouldn't use them unless you will get cd in all skills. i think if you have activated devotion and scondrel bond or only devotion, using auto atks can be a good option.
  8. yesterday i had my legendary earring at +13, i used 1 red stone and it went to +15, i promoted it, i used 3 ancients to +3, and 10 legendaries (failed only once from +10 to +11), now it is ultimate +12. enchanting now is as always: good days and bad days.
  9. but there is a 5th option that is called Others, maybe you can try it there for transformations. if someone send a ticket asking it please share the answer to us.
  10. gunner was very bad in 6.2. suppressing fire had a high dps but it was a self-target aoe in a fleeing class, so it was very easy to miss vs an aggresive enemy.
  11. @arangelos use your restoration token to try it again
  12. when you fail the enchantment, the positive rate comes next. probably it comes to another person, so if you fail, another person will get easy enchantment that time and they don't write "i am happy with enchantment, my piece went to +15 with only 3 red stones. To enchant a piece from +10 to +15 you need 5 successes in a row of 48% each, that means around of 3% average chance to get the +15 ancient piece.
  13. the abyssal event is very good, i can get good stuff with low effort and a few minutes per day and with the chocolates i could get free minions. legendary bearable trans event can be better options, like when we had the shugo tomb.
  14. Nightmarish shriek says the same about low chance and could go through perfect resist buffs and the discilpline's buff that you get when the map changes but it was resisted for the modor's buff or the gladiator's fear resist buff. Same with sure strike and more skills, they go through the evasion, so the dp daevanion should also pierce resist buffs and the cd is much shorter than the original one.
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