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  1. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    If i were you i would grind to get the Katalam Gear while you get your currrent Anicent Herald Gear to Ultimate Dark Talon T2. So you can pvp with decent gear in the meantime unless you want to play alts. if you want to play alts just get the Katalam gear for that character and thats it
  2. 1. Increase the Time you can use the Ultimate Katalam Protector's Weapon. Ten minutes to find people with the whole map might get you 5-6 kills 2. I agree with everyone make it easier to get Grade A Minium because making 4 Minions to lvl 4 will take a while only to fail with bad RNG. Reseting it or increasing the amount you get per run would be wonderful. 3. 120 blood marks aren't hard to collect if you play Katalam Properly and spent the whole daily time there. But increasing the time would be nice. 4. 3 Sieges at the same time is kinda stupid. Rotation would be Kill GP Mobs at Lakrum, go to Demaha and get credit, then Head to Divine to get Credit. Honestly it splits with the factions so only a handful of people are at certain sieges.
  3. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    The Mysterious Wise Dragon Weapon Box has the ability so get trolled because its only good for a skin at this point
  4. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    x1 Wise Dragon King's Weapon Box x1 1,000 Fighting Fragments 2x 50m Kinah x1 Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box x2 Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box