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  1. Meanwhile in Aion...... Psk have been playing Pubg Mobile......
  2. Like myself and a few others work hard on getting the gp for YEARS compare to these low and new people who just cried and complain bout everythings they don't deserve, but hey they are winner because NC soft are stupid. 1.As a solo gamer, I don't rely on a "Team" like everyone else. I actually enjoy my alone time meaning Less headaches for me and less drama. For those who wants to transform or Xform go for it. Big chance you guys who wants to be Xform aren't going to last or probably not even Xform because you're undergeared. 2.But Most likely the ones who are Geard to the Teeth to
  3. @Cyan Questions I would like to ask is.... 1. If GP is getting converted into Gold Ingot. Will there be useful items after the Reset? If not wouldn't it be better to give us Fighting Spirit or Abyss points or Both for our GP points? giving some of the people a fighting chance like myself who works constantly but try to play this game. 2. If GP reset after Maintenance. Will there be more GP quest or GP put back into the ID/EC/AD/ETC to accumulate these GP points? 3. Last question. If Gold Ingot is going to be our conversion for GP will the ingot values of the items decrease? if
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