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  1. All they say is oh i am sorry, i did not know that and i put a lot of money in the cash shop and they unban....... so much for perm ban... Worthless..... hacker then cont. to hack.... What a surprise. good example of that is HOOK/HQQK/...
  2. I have submitted video proof with logs many times. We even had multi videos from our group and still NC Soft has done nothing so I just stop sending them in since they just say we will investigate it and close the ticket yet they still play. Many others have done the same thing. Everyone is tired of submitting and getting ignored so they just stop reporting them. As for the chat radar, the cheats skills don't register on the radar so the logs are worthless too. The logs on the client side i have submitted with proof they cooldown of skills was being ignored and no action taken. What is t
  3. (SL, BR) should be named NerkNerk The shugos shall rise to power and kill us all..... MUHAHAHHAHAHHAA
  4. OK say your are a BG of asmos yet a BG of the Elyos that will be merged into one. What would happen to that legion? could the legion be moved to the new server with all thier members?
  5. I know. Create a way to detect hacks and make it broadcast to the full server that your hacking and make them live in shame. Then do a DC every 2 min for 30 min for each time it is detected and it will not go away till the time is done connecting. forcing them to log in 15 times to get rid of it would make them think twice. And if they do it as in the punishment it adds another 30 min. and keep going up till they quit.
  6. I want people to come back but until they fix this problem, they will loose more people and cause this game to die. This game can go far and make lots of money but it is just badly managed because the players are ignored. I agree with the hackers that buy from cash shop and pristiege pack will never be banned because NC Soft do not care about their players. I am a world pvper and love a good fight and only seeing a hacker that can take out an alliance by themselves makes you want to just say F this game. I got close many times and if i could find a great world pvp like this and the
  7. I stopped recording about 2 years ago because they have not done anything since beta. When you report so many with absolute proof and they do nothing, i stopped submitting. BTW NC Soft used to have a anti hack in the game and when they took that out, the hackers came to the game and I have seen many many people that has left do to hackers. Instead of trying to keep the players that was paying they would ignore them and save the hackers. Aion started with many servers with 15 channels per server.... now we are down to 2 servers with this 3rd merger
  8. There is nothing like an asmo that can fly straight up with no means to do that. Capturing it on Video and submitting it does nothing. It keeps going on and all we get in return is we will look into it and then they close the ticket and you still see the same person doing it everyday. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS NC SOFT... PLEASE BAN THOSE HACKERS. If a GM showed up in a game more then three times in a 8 year span then your would catch them yourselves. Skills being used that is not showing up in chat. Players using reverse shield hacks so it if blocks 50000 dmg then the flip hack insta kills
  9. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion. It is ruining the game.
  10. the PVP titles for ranks are worthless now days because you have to PVE to get the PVP title. I loved it back in the days where PVP titles was given to real PVP players. I fear a rank 1 more then a 1 star officer... now that is sad. back in the days when it was earned for pvp, that fear was there, but today it is lost. I see more transform in instances then in pvp battle and that is also sad. I think they need to revamp the GP and base them more to pvp players. you have to kill a lot to gain GP. Earn from the Burn. please reset and revamp GP.... to the def NC Soft Admins that will ignore
  11. Why would you expect NC Soft to use logic now? They keep ignoring the players so i stopped reporting stuff since they don't bother checking. This is a great game, just lacking real GM that interact with players and developers.
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