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  1. Legendary SkyFlame Mystic chain helm, description says cleric, chanter only. I'm a chanter..did someone change chanters to magic class? cause I get no physical stats on it.
  2. To everyone wondering what happens if you let prestige go. Somewhere on this forum or in the game patch I read that the characters you create in the extra prestige slots will NOT be deleted, they will also NOT be playable if your prestige expires. When you reactivate your prestige you can play the characters in those slots again
  3. I do feel for you guys who got the transformations from items you had previously, sorta really sucks for you if you loose it
  4. Some guy on DN was trying to sell the cute minion contracts he bought off the vending machine.. but yeah, heard people got thousands of items Rollback is needed (bye bye Grade A minions)
  5. My RNG is so bad it took a while to get that Grade A minion they are busy removing
  6. If you have followed or contributed to the spreadsheet thread on the amounts of gems you will see those additional boxes will most likely (58%) contain 5 gems. Only like 3% contain 50 gems. So I'm still shaking my head and saying FAIL to myself about this event. Imagine though, they will do their best to continue to get people to use luna so they could even lower the 3% down to something stupid(ier). It will be interesting to continue to watch the spreadsheet thread. If I were betting, I'd say it drops down the high rates and raises up the 5-10 gem rates. Just because they can and do mak
  7. compared to what you guys are getting mine no longer looks as bad as I thought, but it's still pathetic. 1. 5 2. 10 3. 5 4, 25 5. 25 6. 5 7. 10 8. 50 9, 25 10.5 11.5 12.5
  8. Making the event gems tradeable would not address the problem. I realize many, many people have alts on several accounts, but not everyone does. To make it tradeable on your account is screwing those who chose to specialize in 1 or 2 classes and not all 8.
  9. just want to say, I saved my boxes. Opened 8 boxes, got 95 gems. Seriously pathetic.
  10. I'm actually laughing. Watching the scramble to fix a nerk up. And you know what..it's not fixed imo. I see no reason to renew my prestige. Just the fact they have time and time again shown that it's cash to win at anything, says it will continue to be that way. I don't mind paying cash for things I want or things that make sense. I will/used to buy luna for resets, especially the 80+ runs trying to get a voidsoul shirt to drop. All the people who complain about cash players, don't you realize if there is NO income the server actually does die? So I understand why they need money, but
  11. The surprise you will get is going to log in one day to get a message saying "Server not Found".
  12. I really had not expected much from this event. I was not disappointed. Really glad I held off on renewing my prestige. I can spend that money on a pvp server and having more fun than grinding this crap only to have enchants fail constantly. The drop rate on open world mobs has been lowered, since that little EK moving boost we got, I no longer get near the amount I used to get before that drop boost. I should have quit when they nerfed gunner class to be useless.
  13. When will CoE shugo be put back in?
  14. They probably removed the shugo from CoE "accidently". Over a month ago I got my alts CoE book and fought with my husband over which of us got it. He's still waiting for his book. Running Coe up to 5 times a week on 2 chars, each of us, so that's 20 times a week for over a month and not a single shugo
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