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  1. This made me LOL so hard if my chair didn't have arms I would have been rolling on the floor. So even if NCSoft doesn't listen (and they will not) at least you made someone laugh.
  2. I remember when aion first came out. If you were caught using terrain exploits you got banned. Now not only can you hack and exploit to your hearts content (and lets not forget bots) but Aion seems to be encouraging you to use exploits in order to "win" events. The shugo vault, you had to have old weapons and be dual class. I'd consider that a exploit. Now this steel rake, you have to exploit the game mechanics in order to win it. without using exploits of getting the mech thing on the upper levels I can only rescue 5 shugos before I have to go kill the boss. This just doesn't feel right to me. It's as if no one cares. Of course if NCsoft did care they would run events all levels and gears could benefit from to begin with and that itself would encourage people to play it as designed and not look for flaws in order to beat it. The flower event was a almost fair event (super geared got chances for more due to being able to run higher level instances). But the lower and less geared could spend time and work for more petals if they wanted. Just my view as a normal player, not super geared and not under geared.
  3. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    In the original screen shot, why does it say both items are equipped? The fact they also share the same bar underneath them seems to imply they are 1 item but somehow bugged since they are obliviously 2 items. When looking at other peoples comparison screen shots you see each item with it's own bar that tells you to press alt, etc. But on the item(s) in question from the original post that bar is a single bar under BOTH items, not a small bar under each item. And both items say they are equipped.