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  1. he is in the hall of fame of a certain dps meter. maybe he cheated through the instance and actually dropped it. I mean, there was a guy that "soloed" padmarashka back in the days.
  2. NCKorea confirmed multiple times that dragon lord as gender fluid and can change it at any given time. NCEurope (since they were the ones making loca for aion as far as i remember) confirmed that they used to translate dragon lords as he or she on different occasions on purpose. For example, they would translate one dragon lord as he in English but as she in french.
  3. maybe you were looking for the wrong item ID.
  4. 1. The model wasn't a placeholder. I had corrupted game files and it loaded the default npc model and I didn't feel like recording it again. The best I could do at this point was to show him in a thumbnail. 2. The story of the quest is: Irinin is looking for siel's relics. What he found was something that felt close to the relic that controls time (the one israphel tried to use in 3.0 to go back in time) but wasn't it. Turned out it was a device (the clock thing) created by Jotuns in the image of siel's relic but this one could only show the future. When you touch it, you see the mos
  5. it has. i played it like a month ago on that new/test(idk) Korean server. But I'm pretty sure upgrading from ue3 to eu4 is not that much of an issue as most of the code should still work. Changing from one ass old engine to a completely different one is rather unrealistic for a game like aion.
  6. In Korean, the name is Katalam. Writing those names (everything related to Katalam) with a C is in my opinion, a poor romanization. The other name in Korean is DumahA and it's based on a name of an angle from Islamic mythology. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumah_(angel) It ends with an A because words in Korean can not end with an H. There are a lot of names (if not all) based on various mythologies. Another example would be Inanna (the girl with heterochromia), the name can be found in Lovecraft's Necronomicon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inanna
  7. they didn't change anything. yet. They only said they will cap it at +15, which is unreachable even now, anyway.
  8. luna is not part of the "original" content. It doesn't really have "default" settings to nerf. it's more of a perma event for overseas regions. But yes, they did adjust the drops there to what they thought was a more reasonable probability for an afk instance ran by hundreds of alts,
  9. oO i cant recall them ever removing any drops from instances. If anything, they were adding extra drops like apes and serums since according to NC, those items were supposed to come mainly from the shop.
  10. The name Holy Tower is a mistranslation. The original name is Divine Tower. You know, because its located above the Divine Fortress.
  11. of course, it's not canon. It's made by some NCwest's subsidiary that thinks this is how an Aethertech looks like.
  12. before 6.0, the selling price was 20% of the item's default value. After 6.0, this was changed to 5%. In all western versions (since there is only one), the formula was changed for NPCs but not for the inventory function resulting in NPCs buying items at 5% value, and the inventory at 20%. NCsoft released a fix that leveled both methods to 5%. Once GF applied the fix, they were immediately accused of nerfing something and some less informed people started using Korean videos as proof but completely ignoring the fact that the Korean premium membership increases the selling price by
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