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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    @Cyan Please look into the issue with missing Leibo Protection (Leibo Blessing) item in Gold Sand Shop. We still have the weekly to purchase it, but it doesn't exist in the game.
  2. I know, but that's still an issue which should be fixed
  3. Hello, Firstly the weekly lugbug quest cannot be completed because the item called Leibo's Protection doesn't exist anywhere in the game. It can't be purchased from GST (Gold Sand Traders) nor anywhere in the game. Please, fix this issue. Secondly, the submit Ticket issue doesn't work either. Every single time i'm redirected back to my account info. Appears on every browser I use. Firefox, Chrome and IE. Please, look into it. There are so many issues in this patch not yet fixed, people can't submit a ticket about it (happens not only to me).
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    @Cyan please look into the Minion Function. It should be activated by the token not directly by kinah.