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  1. 1 hour ago, MasterObiWan said:

    I got 6k AP last night off 180 kills 2-man. Ez. It took a few hours though. But this update is reducing the rewards from rifting which is disappointing.

    Iv'e been rifting and got 13k AP in one sitting,its still nothing  though when compare cost 30 elites item is 70k+ AP so 1 week per item if lucky so probaly 2-3 months to gear up lol yeah so much fun when pvp is mostly bots.

    Anyways sub is dead in less than 10 days, game is terrible and not worth the money Community managers ignore customers,support ignores paying customers and for a 12 year old game they did a terrible job yet again.

    NA/eu oceanic are always treated worse than korea just walking wallets to them and people havent learnt that,i thought maybe they'd changed still the same money grabbing tactics and poor service.

  2. I wont be buying even though i would of this month normally and probaly would of spent more on other items.

    However the following stops me buying.

    Items are not account Bound.

    Things like reset scrolls, titles  and most Dyes are not sellable 

    We dont get as many crowns as Korea and they refuse to make them account bound.

    The cost is way to  high for mostly crappy food and scroll items 30 dollars to unlock then 90 quna a level is way over priced.

    The shop has no Qol items added such as Experience and AP amulets permanent pets and passes to transfer gear too Alts or sell.

    And lastly still waiting for @Kibbelz to actually reply to my direct messgae from over 15 days ago.They dont deserve my money and their support gave terrible service so it cost them a player that spent several thousand in 1 month.So just highlights they dont care about people who spend money, what sort of company doesnt even respond to people spending money.

  3. Aion is just basically a cesspool for cheaters,hackers bots and AP traders do not even know why these type of people play a game.They should just give these players a server and a 1 button skill that just lets them 1 shot each other ,cause thats basically what it amounts too.

    And judging by the elyos and asmos still in abyss rankings guess ncsoft isnt doing anything about them either despite all the evidence given by the community the Wallet wins ,andall of them will be back in no time on new toons doing it all again.

    People might have faith if Ncsoft actually named and shamed all the cheaters as they rightfully should be,alas they are protected and we never know who truly got banned.

  4. 1 hour ago, Zarbi said:

    I hope it's soon, the current Aion 1.2 is very difficult to gain AP for those people like me who prefer not to gank or AP trade.

    We need bags of AP for simple  PvE things like L45 greater stigmas, and their is no reliable way to get it.

    This times 1000,if something doesnt come soon just not worth playing anymore.Cant farm lower forts for AP since Elyos will not leave 1 pink.Rifting is a unreliable source of AP cant get gear or farm for the stigmas.

    I had hoped they might of made adjustments on AP gains for gear and what mobs give in the abyss before rereleasing,however it seems they just dont get NA hasnt got the same sort of player base  of korea where you could easily farm via pvp.

    Game is boring as hell they did nothing to make gaining AP better than original release even grinding 5 levels from 25-30 gave 15k AP, game is stupidly designed.

  5. 1 hour ago, SumonaLisa said:

    Nobody will pay an overpriced daeva pass to get an awful skin that he will have no room to store!

    Put skins on bcm for ever, do not remove them and make daeva pass worth it. I would never spend a single dime on it, only people who work on 30$ per hour in USa would not mind wasting that money.

    I wont buy this pass anymore its totally overpriced at 30 dollars minimum,then more if buy levels for crappy items  and then they REFUSE  to make it all account tradeable also things like reset scrolls dyes and titles we should be able to sell having so many items on characters just sitting there cause cant sell or transfer.

    And@Kibblez if your bosses havent learnt after 12 years of retail too provide  value for money and better service i dont know whats going to make you do it.Retail a 1 server game and classic also losing players cause no content and poor value for money and lack of support.

    You need to do way better if you want peoples money.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Rastekkel said:

    Remove crowns/pvp title. Add more exclusive skins and enchant/mana stone boxes. AP should be obtained by playing the game. 

    How would you suggest people gain the hundreds of thousand of AP needed?

    Elyos cant even farm lower forts atm,Pvp open world is mostly bots how exciting is that and we have no other mobs in the Abyss that give decent AP no instances or dredge.

    Apart from that the premium is minimum 30 dollars and should  offer decent rewards, also do players honestly think the games going to survive on siel subs with such low population people need to be a little realistic.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Aaabatery said:

    I think all agreed that P2W was what made Classic bad in NA. I'm all for removing P2W. They should just come back with old Daeva Journey or whatever was the name of old fidelity program they had. That one was very good, the longer you subed the more rewards, like cube/wharehouse increases, etc.

    If this was the case people wouldnt buy the daeva pass at all,so i think it's fairly safe to say a large majority want these items given how many have the titles.

    The cashshop was fine until they went overboard with it AP/Exp amulets,gear passes ,reset scrolls and crowns are not major items when they started adding things like stones omegas, temperings then yes that was too much.

    I cannot even farm decent AP due to no lower forts sitting around bored cause cant get pvp gear is not fun need way more ways to increase AP gains or reduce the cost of gear.

  8. We need more crowns and ways to get AP this game isnt like Korea with massive player numbers where you can find loads of pvp to gear up.Even now as a Elyos at lower levels cant farm  lower forts open world is a joke so how are we meant to get geared.

    Personally crowns should be account bound this would increase spending and help players gear faster,Dredgion isnt the fix everyone thinks 20k ap a day if win still takes a while to gear.

    Other items all these should be sellable and tradeable across the account i have loads of scrolls pass and titles im sure people would buy yet they sit useless in my warehouse.

     i would like to have faith but after 12 years of seeing feedback not taken up dont have much hope.

    And im all for working for gear i grinded from 25-30 on Abyss mobs and ended up with a crappy 14k AP there needs to be more ways to get AP cause this system isnt working

  9. 1 hour ago, 2s349201 said:

    Its simply a failed cash grab.

    I mean they have made money, but the scope of the money they could have made with just a tiny bit of intelligence is amazing.

    They have literally left millions on the floor due to total incompetence on a very grand scale.

    Hats off to them, its quite impressive.


    This is 1000% correct.After my experience with customer support those staff  literally cost the company thousands of dollars and they just  dont care about it same as 4 years ago when poor support cause me too quit.I literally cant get over a company that is so happy too lose money worst management ever.I even tried using twitter and facebook and they literally do not care about losing customers that spend large amounts.

    Their business model is suck you in get some money then lose you except its just not going to work with aion or ncsoft,im amazed that they dont realise every message board and game forum give their company negative reviews and you would be hard pressed to find something positive and its all because of poor communication,game support and implementation.

    Every post about this 1.5 will be ignored just like 12 years ago look at game history on retail same failed mistakes over and over.

  10. @Kibbelz You are asking people to remain calm and that you respond too constructive critcism yet cant even reply to a players direct message from september the 6th?

    As someone who has spent large amounts with ncwest both past and present although not lately, you literally ignore a players direct  message,is it your intention to deliberately upset customers and lose them?

    This game is going worse than original launch,and your bosses are repeating exactly the same mistakes over and over again you fail to listen and communicate, and take our money and support for granted.

    I often get the feeling you think na/eu and oceanic players are stupid and will just keep giving you money for poor service,soon this version will be 1 server if you dont act and i mean actually listen too players.

    And your daeva pass is overpriced and half the rewards are utter garbage and all the items should be sellable and crowns should be changed to account tradeable since we have zero good ways to get AP except kill a few bots or ganked in the abyss on guards.

    NA market is always treated worse than KR servers with events this is wrong and needs too stop we pay money just like them and if you want mine your going to need to do way better even quna shop hasnt had Qol items added such as perma pets exp amulets or anything halfway helpful.

    So theres your constructive polite feedback that will be ignore now like multiple posts over the 12 year history of ncwest in this region.

  11. 4 hours ago, Yoloranger said:

    The game will survive just fine because people enjoy playing it, otherwise they'd be playing any of the multitude of games released between 2009 and now.  Aion just has a special kind of place in our gaming history to drop it so readily.  I very, very small percentage of players threatening to leave because that are unhappy with the publisher or developer actually leave.  If that were a real thing, there wouldn't be any posting about it, they'd just unsub and move on, no need to to spew vitriol along the way.  

    So thats why retail is now down too 1 server?

    Im one of those players who have quit but can still post in forums as iv'e logged in during the last 30 days.And its not about spewing vitriol if you dont tell the management whats upset you how will anything ever change.

    I even took my battle to nc koreas twitter and facebook and got zero answers about anything so ill take my 3k+ a month spending to something else.I cannot believe people still so blindly defend this companys actions after 12 years of not listening to the playerbase in NA regions.

  12. I private messgaed kibblez a day ago about a issue they havent even bothered too read it or reply so that shows everyone just how often a CM visits or checks their messgaes.Past comminty managers like cyan and hime at least answered messages promptly and were much more visible on the forums.

    Anyways done with the game just posting this last thing on forums.Ncwest has driven both versions of this game into the ground over 12 years and have zero respect or appreciation for customers money i said it last time i quit and ill say it again now i simpll cant wrap my head around a company that so easily lets paying players go and cant resolve issues.

  13. If Ncwest refuses to help perhaps players should start tweeting and emailing Nc korea instead.

    The only way things change is if enough people do something.

    They just dont care at ncwest about money support always carry on about they understand your issue blah blah but then do nothing, instead they are happy to cost the game paying customers.

  14. Dont think for a minute they care as someone who spent a bit over 3.5k last month support refused to help me with something even though its costed them a customer. So please dont waste your time thinking anythings going to change when they dont even care about losing paying players.

    So sad the way this games run i said many years ago it has super massive potential even in the west just poorly managed with terrible support.

  15. 1 hour ago, UmmmmMuuuu-DN said:

    250$ a whale? thats weekly spending.... wanna come 1v1 me in the mountains tho?


    The OP did say multiple 250 dollar purchases in their post.

    And any loss of customers that spend 250+ per week should be concerning to any business owner i know id be worried.And the OP is correct ncsoft doesnt value our money at all.

  16. I will still play but i refuse to spend like i used too they lost me on Retail 4 years ago because of their poor customer service,and i was spending 20k a year they literally dont care about money and their customers.

    I was recently so frustrated with the lack of support with Classic and their attitude that i  Emailed a letter of complaint to every email address i could find for Ncsoft korea maybe one will find its way to management.

    You'd think this company would be more responsive to players spending a lot but they take it for granted and offer poor service in return and are repeating every mistake from original launch and then some.

  17. 17 hours ago, Saitamasensei said:

    Note that I farmed my Attack AP gears (Acce and weapon) and stayed Lv45 for 1month to farmed lower abyss for like 3weeks (1-2kisk/day, 45-70k AP/day).

    Herein lies the core problem with game design.You shouldnt have to kill yourself to lose Experience to Farm a resource the logic of that sort of game design is flawed.And im happy to grind however sorry competing with tons of people everyday is not fun or enjoyable gameplay even without increasing AP gain id still have to grind close too 10k+ mobs for a gear set if not more so yeah really exciting gameplay that.Mob spawns also should be super fast and more mobs of same level and AP gain scattered about in the abyss.

    And id hardly say the playerbase up to 4.0 was healthy for a mmo it was still terrible from its release number.A healthy mmo has loads of players in every area from starting to endzones even now the zones are absolutely dead and its same overgeared wannabes in the abyss/heiron griefing. Very few new or even returnig players so you probaly are a minority who enjoy this.

    Anyways all these threads are pointless ncsoft didnt care on release they havent cared for 12 years and they arent about to now.They are really a stupid company sometimes i wish we could email their Ceo and tell them flatout how much money they are losing from each player alas they just dont listen anyways.

  18. 1 hour ago, Rag-DN said:

    If you have good dps you can lock down all the gaurds around a fort and gain over 2k AP every 5 minutes. Even when I was down to a Rank 2 and I was able to farm over 1.2k every 5 minutes.  That's 24k per hour. 30e full set is around 229k.     229k/24k = 9.5 hours. Yes I know you can't get every guard every time and you do get interrupted but I am saying its achievable this patch without dredge.

    That is never going to happen for a start people always farming forts.Secondly your maths for the abyss items is way out.

    Chest is 140k AP,Legs are 105k ap all other items are 70400.Not counting all your accessorys plus a weapon.Not sure why you making it out to be so easy cause it isnt and i farm often at sulfur and its always busy busy.

  19. 1 hour ago, Seiashun said:

    I personally disagree with the GP system or that AP needs to be boosted in some way. One of the reasons this game is so fun (where other mmo's since have lacked in) is the heavy emphasis on the grind aspect. It keeps you invested for a long time, and anything that you get gear-wise feels like an actual accomplishment since you did have to put some work and time into it.

    And that's the true reason why AP trading is so infuriating. It destroys one of the core features this game provides that makes it worth playing.

    The dead playerbase even from original disagrees.They could at least make mobs spawn faster or more mobs that give 70 ap a kill cause its pathetic trying to farm at a fort when more than 2 people are at a fort that is not fun or enjoyable.

  20. 1 hour ago, Rag-DN said:

    Last week through PVP and guard farming I was able to farm 117k AP and that was without even hardcore PVPing or Guard farming. Just maybe an  hour a day of each and I didn't even gain AP on a few different days. Heck just in the last 24 hours I've grinded out 12.2k AP just guard farming and a small amount of PVPing. It's not that horrible of a grind. These players that are AP trading are just LAZY and exploiters.  Just farming guards for about 45 minutes a day you could get a full set of 30 fabled PVP armor in about 28 days. This is a Korean GRIND MMO. You gotta be willing to GRIND. 

    Id love to know where you farm then cause guards give 70 AP a kill which diminishes with rank and say you can kill 2 per minute in ideal conditions no ganks or other people thats 140AP a minute so in a hour thats 8400 AP so if you only do 1 hour  per day thats still only 58800 per week hardly enough to get a full set in 28 days at all.

  21. 1 hour ago, Rag-DN said:

    Dredge is not the solution, despite how badly I want Dredge in the game lol.

    The solution is they need to STRIP those AP traders of all their AP they have PLUS any item they purchased with the AP along with any Godstones they gained through the officer quests. 

    They also need to implement GP system along with seasons ASAP. Get rid of the AP rankings as we all know that is a very faulty system that discourages new and returning players from playing.

    AP grinding is not as horrible as some players make it out to seem right now, the problem is these AP traders that already have full PVP sets make it almost impossible to farm in the abyss.

    Your last sentence kinda contradicts itself you say its not hard to farm in the abyss but then turn around and say it is almost impossible due to geared players.

    Also i beg to differ that its not hard, i went sulfur this morning to farm at least 6+ fellow elyos no where else to farm low level so yeah have fun fighting over mobs.The abyss is a massive area all Mobs in it should give 100ap a kill instead of all the focus around forts.

    Anyways doesnt really matter games dead dead go to character creation area virtually nobody either server.Run around elthen virtually nobody except a few bots and occasional quester.

    They just repeating the same stupid mistakes from 12 years ago and still refuse to listen to the players i have never in my life seen a company that shoots itself in the foot so badly financially.

  22. 11 hours ago, Saitamasensei said:

    This is what I like in "Classic" Aion. You will really appreciate the best gear you can have atm. I remember the old days where you are happy wearing all blues and grind the dungeon every reset to obtain a rare gold drop. (No EZ coin items that time)

    And this fk up this game so hard. I don't whine on candies as Kinah can easily come and go but this AP Trading is way too hideous. Imagine you can obtain the most endgame gear with just like that? Where's the fun in that.

    Note that the battery keeps going when there's a difference in potential (electrons) between materials. Using this analogy, this game will die if everyone obtain the very endgame gear. This is also observed with an experiments with rats, giving them the utopia of food and shelter and one they all die w/o any disease. This why games continuous to give new patches if the majority of players hit a certain threshold of endgame items obtained. AP Trading will make this game prematurely die. IDK what the devs, GMs, CMs are doing at the moment and they should take this seriously.

    I think most players are happy to work for gear however the AP grind is overkill one piece of 30 elite armor item is 70k+ AP farm guards is 70 AP per kill which diminishes as rank up so at a minimum thats 1000+kills yeah sorry thats not fun,plus dealing with constant asmo ganks.

    I dont condone the Traders but yeah 1 rank one kill 1700 ap compared too 25 abyss mobs for same amount Blame ncsoft and their inability to make mobs give acceptable amounts of AP that dont diminish with rank.

  23. 1 hour ago, Rag-DN said:

    They're already feeling the squeeze, they just announced this last quarter they saw a drop of 19% of revenue from Aion.... a very dramatic  drop that has several investors concerned. Gotta remember the USA is their 2nd largest market that makes up more then double of any other region with the exception of Korea which is their number 1 market. Aion also accounts for over 30% of their revenue total. Another fun fact, is the NA/South America audience which uses NCwest makes up 20% of their total customer base which is a huge slice of the pie....

    While im still playing i refuse to give them anymore money and i was a good customer both now and previously in Retail.Im tired of hackers cheaters and AP traders.

    They do nothing to help legit players get more Abyss points,i dont condone Traders but who can blame them i grind my butt off on guards getting a pathetic 70 ap per kill which is around 24 mobs and one rank1 kill equals 1700 ap ,they should of reduced the AP requirements for gear and increased greatly what mobs in the abyss give.

    These are the same complaints from 12 years ago crappy amounts of AP from abyss mobs,and to grind 1 Elite item is 1000 kills not counting your rank drops as level up so maybe more plus the weapon is 150k+.

    We need AP events and increases on AP from abyss AP amulets that are buyable and tradeable,heck even relics should be sellable and account tradeable but alas this company refuses to listen while they bleed paying players.

    Dont think they care either i asked support for help with something and they refused so even people spending decent amounts are ignored.I shouldnt of come back after 5 years when i quit retail over the same cash grab tactics and poor customer service and relations.

  24. Pvp when the game was first released was just people in greens some blues and what nots now you can have +15 golds right off the bat and top of line stones.Add in the AP trade and you got decked out twinks in less than 2 months.

    I did some research and people selling accounts with full 30/40 elite gear +15 already these people are involved in serious AP trading to get gear that fast.Guards at 35 give 70 ap a kill it takes a fair while to farm legit gear bearing in mind AP gain rate drops as you rank up.

    You can barely even get half a quest done in Heiron without death squads nuking you.I think this *classic experience* is gonna tank super fast no easy way for legit players to get decent amounts of AP to stand a chance.

    And the game is just plagued by everything it had on first release AP trade botteeing rmting and rampant hacking like meh why bother Ncsoft knows the issues but isnt acting.

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