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  1. You really make yourself look like a fool every-time you try to say you your free2play,we all know the chances of getting gear that high.We all know you would of used multiple accounts to get restores just like Dior used to.We all know ncsoft aint giving out multiple restore's unless you sink a ton of real life cash into this game. Must be hard to face the fact your terrible at pvp and instead of using +15 gear like most and +5 accessorys you need such a huge advantage to win. I hope 6.0 make's it terrible for you and you quit and the people that really want to enjoy pvp without wann
  2. I think there's many people who are happy to support the company,myself included.The point is with each xpac/patch its just getting ridiculous. An average subscription to a non f2play game we will say is 20 bucks a month,thats 240 dollars a year if i spend that in aion on ncoin and convert to kinah i still dont even come close to getting reasonably geared,unless as the no lifer's say make a Alt army to spam things like underpath etc for temperings and omega's. this stratgey is not fun or enjoyable,and when iv'e sunk a years worth of sub money into a game i should realistically be gea
  3. oh and one final thing MINIONS I thought this game was meant to be player vs player not player vs minions,i have no issue with these minions giving stats such as hp,mb,ma etc or even pvp defense. However to let them have damage skills and just recently increased pvp damage on some minions is lame,so now we are going have minions hitting us for what 10k+ on top of player's, great great game direction truly,just go from one bad choice to another.
  4. Korea doesn't listen,in fact this company probaly has some of the worst interaction with it's player's iv'e ever seen,anyone thats played a Blizzard game knows how much their developer's,gms interact with the community and listen to feedback. Korea knows players are tired of the grind,exploding gear and poor experience from quests and instances and pay2win aspects yet have done little to alleviate it this patch. Instead we get another pay2win stigma system really +9 stigmas nice work that one. Enchanting a nice stealth increase of supps from 400too 50 for level 14-15 milking us
  5. I really had hoped nc korea or na would greatly increase the Xp from this instance and overall reduce the Xp needed for 75,but we are made to wait a year for 6.0 and easier leveling. Running this instance on a 72 char with a 100% amulet and using 4 stars per mini boss give's a whopping .136% exp per run,thanks so much for listening to the player's and making leveling easier. So it seems your still intent on making leveling nothing but a boring grindfest still and sucking player's dry with needing amulets stars' and repose to make even the slightest dent in making our Xp bars move.I k
  6. I have played wow and i know what grinding is farming for hours for primals for resist sets farming for hours or flask and potion mats please dont tell me what grinding is,oh and i raided too and know full well what effort is,the difference is in Wow all i had to pay was a sub and could accomplish anything ingame. Your probaly one of the pay2win bads who sit around in illuma in +20 gear and then need 10+ others to zerg a few asmo.Being the best in Aion, what a laugh most pvper's in this game are trash and pay2win at every opportunity. And all game's are about skill ,raw effort alone
  7. Yeah im sure we'd all love that RNG,if your telling the truth,and sorry but not all player's consider 25mil per core cheap to lose them at +1. And yes we do need high level core's to unlock skills,simple as that.And get to +3 with solutions lol tried that many time's and lose them at +1/2.Just another stupid gear break system.
  8. I run luna on plenty of Alts and im fast going to quit doing that,i mean you do realise the stupidity of a game that require's you to need Alt's simply to gear a main.I play the game my way and this game has fast become trash ,this high level tempering and enchanting was never needed just a money grab. People that even think Pvp in this game is somewhat about skill is amusing,it's nothing but pay2win or have 50 Alt accounts to get +20 gear or higher.The whole system is stupid and it's clear korea doesnt have any understanding of what constitute's fun and skillful pvp. I never saw Aio
  9. Lol at those koreans gear +33 +10 access, like just lmfao at stupid direction of this game. If they keep making more pay2win change's like what's coming they will be down to 1 server and all the whale's can QQ over having nothing to do anymore. They cant just cap chanting and tempering nope that would be too logical,there is utterly no point bothering anymore pvp has no skill left just pay2win garbage see it everyday some idiot selling +25 gear or stupidly high tempeered accessory's. Give this game 1-2 years max if that, the way these change's are coming and the massive pay2wi
  10. I see a lot of people saying the omega's tempers and supps from luna instances shouldnt be tradeable cause you can just Afk it. You cant get top reward's simply by afking anymore you actually have to do the instance,very very occasionally a Afk in contaminated underpath will still give S rank but not often. A lot of people also have gear equipped hence why supps and omega's, tempers,and level reduction stone's should not be account locked. As to minium if they already selling that and minions via BCM there is utterly no reason not to let player's sell minium acquired from other
  11. Minions dont have to be hard to get and allowing minium and minions to be sold would make things easier for everyone,and balance lol dont make me laugh when massive pay2wins are snapping up contracts left right and centre making minions selllable would help lots. Temperings they wouldnt have to lower their rate,and it is stupid they are character bound when you have items equipped you might like to temper. Essence core's from underpath rewards are not tradeable or sellable. And supplements it doesnt matter if you think they are easy to obtain it's stupid having them spread out o
  12. I am writing this post as i have a gripe about items ingame that are classified as **Event** and cannot be sold or traded and severely limits player's to either utilise the items on their characters or sell to be able to advance their characters. So firstly Minium,you now sell this item in boxes as a new way to make money from BCM purchases,But you dont allow player's to sell Minium that isnt boxed or transfer to a different character this is just wrong,we should be able to sell any minium boxed or not.Also Minions why cant we cage these similar to WOW pets and sell them instead of having
  13. The problem is Essence points so yes people are trying to level fast so they can compete competitively,before essence points players even if lower still had a chance even if it was a smaller one.Now with boost skills extra pvp defense,attack skill, transform and the like we have little chance. And as i listed the amount of items needed simply to get a set of gear too+15, even if we had the luxury of taking our time it would still take a very long time,and i think your wrong about the boredeom.Why is it game;'s like world of warcraft you can level in a week or less and jump right into cont
  14. So firstly underpath and munitions only have a ***Chance** to award omegas tempers and supps. Your reply like's to make it seem that it is so easy to obtain the materials needed to enchant or temper gear to a basic level of +15,so here some figure's about how much it take's to do a set. 5 armor pieces,a weapon your wings,and bear in mind this is assuming your omegas do not proc which is not uncommon with the nerfs. You will need the following. 28 thousand mythic supplements total of 105 omegas Feli socketing 36 in total Tempers assuming your accessory doesnt
  15. Or,perhaps you could post a detailed guide on a new or return player can make the untold billions of kinah needed,simply to socket,enchant or temper your gear. I hardly think 50 bucks a month is buying everything either.And there are tons of player's with +20 gear and high tempered accessory's and it's even more amusin when you have +15 75 abyss gear and full accs tempered and still get hit for 9k thronesong chains or other ludicrous amounts of damage from other classes. Oh and i do play the game, im also aware of the massive time sink this game is to do anything decent and be compet
  16. 1st. Leveling why the game reverted back to it's grind system similar to release was a step backwards.Any game that loses what 12 servers within 6 months of release is clearly doing something wrong and they repeat the same mistake several years later. If leveling didnt grant essence point's and unlock skills player's might not be so unhappy with the long leveling curve.So either drastically reduce the Exp needed,increase Exp gains majorly in place's like fissure and via quests,Or grant all daevas their essence points at 66 and unlock their skills to make things fair to all.There's literal
  17. In theory i agree with this idea,having recently leveled a Alt, it is as you say deserted and hard for anyone to get groups,and a new player wouldn't know the fastest ways to level. However on the otherside,this is a mmo which should encourage group play,so players can learn to work together.The issue of everything being solo is player's wont learn to utilise their class in a group situation,then they hit 66 and havent learnt how to deal with those **holy crap pull moments**. Unfortunately this anti social thing isnt just confined to games like aion it even hit's well known game's ga
  18. I can think of a few things that have been listed countless time's but ignored. Add real and meaningful quests and campaigns post 66+ that actually give real experience instead of 000.2% of the level. Reduce the Experience needed for 66-75. Reduce tempering from all future accessorys too +5max too make Pvp more even,Cap enchanting at +10/15 maximum. Remove exploding gear via Tempering. Remove exploding gear via enchanting,the supp thing was just another cashgrab. Bring back merek pets 200% amulet and revamp it so it's valuable again. Revamp the whole of the B
  19. What im about to say is from a arena point of view not world pvp as it simply wouldnt work. If every player could enter Arenas from literally any level and their gear and level was scaled to match their opponent then we could start to say Aion pvp was actually about Skill,While plumes,bracelets,essence points and highpowered daeva stones and essence core's and godstone's are in existence then no Pvp is not skillful. If i could enter a arena in say the level 10 fledgling gear and face any player of any level in that gear with no plume's etc etc, then i could easily accept losing bec
  20. Why hasnt the the luna cost of Treasure chamber been lowered to it's original cost of 3 luna after you nerfed the items too 1 per turn instead of 3 and still charging us 5 luna? Also the cost too roll golden dice in the game of fate is simply a ripoff and set far too high when previously had chances of pvp gear for 5 luna via treasure chamber,and the blue chest should not contain shining enchantment stone's these are a terrible prize for 35 luna.While the game isnt bad the costs and booby prizes on higher chests is terrible.If you want player's money for this game of fate be fair in the p
  21. Will 64 bit be re-enabled after the next maintenance,as currently this game is near unplayable in 32 bit client mode,any info on whether we will have 64 bit back would be appreciated,thanks.
  22. Issue finally got resolved,as i said to support though if this issue is triggered by player's using a proxy,i find it incredibly strange that my sister's account which had also been inactive,and share's our home computer and also uses a proxy did not trigger this *risk management feature*.And as to not using proxy's, if the game wasn't so laggy for a huge amount of the player-base we wouldnt need them. Might want rework how the system works,cause if 2 accounts using same computer and proxy service,and only 1 is triggered bit of a flaw there.
  23. So i took a 6month break from this game,previously i had played for 2 years and spent large amount on ncoin and never had a issue.Come back to the game and apparently i have **exceeded my ncoin limit despite not making any purchases in 6months. i contacted support and apparently i have triggered something called Risk management despite not making any purchases recently,and all previous purchases always being fine.I am also told by support they cannot override this feature.Their lovely advice was oh just buy it from Amazon despite me informing that unfortunately being australian i c
  24. i have been waiting nearly 2 days for a reply to a billing issue,support seems completely overwhelmed currently,it's frustrating to say the least,after a return from 6 month break, support is definately slower than before to respond to tickets and offer solutions.
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