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  1. Bye bye Bless Online

    Yea, NCWest is supposed to be publishing the games NCSoft makes for the western market, but it turns out NCWest doesn't have the ability to really ACT as a publisher when all changes they want to make HAVE to go through NCSoft first for approval, and like you stated, Korea doesn't have much interest in keeping their western markets happy. It does lead to a lot of frustration on our part, as well as those on the back end I can imagine that really actually do care and are fighting the good fight only to be stonewalled time and time again. If NCWest can't act as a publisher in their respective market, perhaps they should..ya know...Pass us along to someone that does, since communicating with them is like talking to a wall; actually, never mind, that's an insult to walls. Though I really don't know who, every publisher has their downsides, but we do need to somehow get the attention of NCSoft so they in turn can pay attention to what NCWest is trying to tell them.
  2. Bye bye Bless Online

    YOSHI-P !!! He really did a lot for FFXIV, brought it back from the brink. The seasonal events are fun, the way you can do costumes is a little finicky because of the spaghetti code it is build on, but it's still good. Bards can actually play music and do little bands in the major cities, people are friendly and helpful. Game is pretty easy and it keeps the casuals happy, but with their Hard and Extreme content also cater to their hard core players. Then there is this: Way more people wanted to give Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a shot than Square Enix anticipated. After the disastrous launch way back in 2010, FF14:ARR's new director/producer Naoki Yoshida - known to fans as Yoshi-P - said he assumed many Western gamers would let others test the waters first instead of flooding into servers on day one. He was humbled at the response, as he said when I got to speak with him through a translator at PAX Prime 2013. It must be frustrating to have to go through a shaky launch yet again, especially since the buzz from the beta was so strong, but Yoshida still finds himself doing damage control. "I want to start off by thanking Western fans for keeping an open mind this whole time," Yoshida said. "We had a rocky launch [in 2010] and we lost a lot of trust. Thank you for giving us a second chance, for that we really thank you." He's humble. He came on board, admitted their mistake and did what they could to rectify it. And we love him for it. But that's Square-Enix. This is NCWest. Square was established back in '86. Enix since '75. NCSoft? 1998 Square-Enix has the history and experience in knowing HOW their respective markets work because they have been at this now on a global scale for a much longer period than NCSoft, (who established NCWest 2001). Not to mention FFXIV is a pay monthly title with their own cash shop for various items, costumes and such. Like if you missed a previous year event items, they release them out for everyone in the cash shop the following year. You can buy emotes for anywhere between $3 - $7, account wide mounts for $24 and costumes range from $7 - $12, on top of paying $15 monthly. Can't compare apples and oranges.
  3. Trading low lever gear

    Or, weren't there items in the game before, like wrapping scrolls, that would allow you to wrap an item and therefore make it tradable? Could we get something like that? Would be nice especially as leveling alts I've accumulated bits and pieces but not a whole set as of yet due to me outgrowing the area so quickly.
  4. Trading low lever gear

    So I've noticed that once you power level through an area, all the pretty decent white gear that can be used for skins no longer drops. The fact that these items can only be used to reskin once makes them pretty valuable to a person interested in keeping a particular fashion and the chances of you being able to get a full set in the 10-30 minute window you more or less have before you out level the area is pretty minimal; unless of course, you halt leveling all together and try and farm the whole set and even then, you will only be able to use it once (unless Luna wardrobe, but that is pretty limited too in amount of slots you have.) Could we please make it so that these items are, at the very least, sharable in our account warehouses so we could have access to these armor skins across our characters? The purpose of these white armor items now are strictly for skinning purposes and I don't see how keeping them restricted to a players account via warehouse would have any negative impact on the game. Please?
  5. Trading low lever gear

    Hrm, if they can't code these items to make them tradable between accounts, then new suggestion ! How about making these on the GST instead?
  6. Bye bye Bless Online

    Not to jump on that bandwagon, but I decided to do a little bit of digging and, well, I highly, highly doubt NCWest is going to us. I mean, one of the more interesting things I found out was that the ceo of ncwest doesn't even like playing video games. If she doesn't play, then we cannot expect for her to have reasonable understanding of how the western market works. Taking that into consideration and looking at the state of Aion, it sorta makes sense. Apparently, whatever Korea hands to them, they take and whatever small changes they do allow further reflects on their ignorance on what the players here want. To top it off, because NCWest is so deeply tied to NCSoft (The wife is ceo of West, & the husband ceo over in Korea) the standard protocol in place is that if ncwest wants to make any changes to their region, they have to first get approval from Korea to do so. Not surprisingly, Korea is in no rush to answer to the needs of the West because we are not as profitable as their mainland. It also explains why EU and NA are so vastly different. EU has the balls to take incentives to cater to their specific regions needs, and while it is not perfect, it does show that Gameforge are more willing to step out of the box to keep their region reasonable happy. Unlike NA, where we can @Cyan everyday with our suggestions and he takes them and passes them along, but little gets done. I mean, all of this info, again, was found online spread through out various websites, forums, etc. I don't expect all the information I read to be 100% accurate, but just sitting and reading through all if it compounded with all the issues that are clearly stated here on the forums time and time again, it does make you question. So unless NCWest grows a pair, renegades against the established procedure, and starts implementing the changes we have suggested that are more western friendly...The path will inevitably lead right to where CoH and Wildstar ended up.
  7. I had just gotten started on the event when for some reason Aion crashed. By the time I came back into game I didn't get booted out of the event, I had 4 minutes left and my instance got wasted for the day. :'( @Cyan Please help?
  8. Dear BCM person: Please add these to the store.

    Wow, a lot of these skins are so pretty~! I would love to see them be available in game !
  9. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Because there WAS an issue with the client. As stated, the game client totally locked up and crashed at the beginning of the event, just when I went to try and click on the shugo for the item. I even got the whole want to report this issue error message and all that I tried to rush past to back into the game to do event. If I was playing in the middle of a thunderstorm in a timed event, then yes, absolutely agree. I wouldn't even bother because that was a risk I took and clearly it was not in my favor. The fact that the client took a derp on me and they are failing to properly address my case more personally and instead are giving me a broad "well, we talked to tech guys and they say servers the fine for everyone else, gg." is not an appropriate response in this case.
  10. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Yea, I am at a total loss. It was MY game client that for some reason locked up and then crashed just as I clicked on the shugo to get the item to start traversing the bridge. So the senior GM decides to investigate their servers instead and based on what he found is telling me he can't help me because the servers are fine, I just need to buy additional chances? Like, I'm sorry, but what?
  11. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Another Update: So apparently, I guess if the Aion client crashes during the event, GG. I'm being told to purchase my missed entry instead. That leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. This basically telling me, "Well, we don't have issue on our servers, so we cannot help you." I am not asking about the stability of their servers, I am telling them that I encountered an issue at the beginning of the event (not even a full minute into starting) where the Aion game froze, locked up and then crashed and by the time I was able to re log back in, I had only 4 minutes to go from the very beginning (didn't even have the item in my inventory to mount) to the boss. All I would like is to receive an item that allows me to reattempt the event to make up for the day, You would think I was asking for some sort of game breaking item instead. Holy nuts.
  12. Anyone else crashed during event?

    I-I did not know such a glorious thing existed!! Really?! Omg I could bake you cookies right meow!
  13. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Yea, trying to get it escalated and resolved. Otherwise, this GM is basically telling the rest of the community, don't DC during the event because if you do, oh well! You lose out on your attempt for the day, kthxs! /sigh Not a very nice thing to say.
  14. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Update: So apparently, even though it was of no fault of my own that the game crashed, this was a GM's response Not happy with the above response. It wasn't my fault that the game suddenly crashed, and that the game has no way of recognizing or coping with issues like that. It happened, please fix. @Cyan
  15. Returning Player

    Hello, I have decided to come back to the game after a very long break. (Last time I played 50 was cap level and there was no Balaurea or Gunslinger or pets...so that should give you an idea how far behind I am..) I know I have A LOT to catch up on and have been doing a lot of reading trying to understand what all has changed. I always fell in and out of the game because of the fact it was so grindy and a lot of my friends never got into it because of that. So now, to try and prevent that, I am wondering if there is any newb friendly Legion out there willing to adopt an Asmo Sorc like me? I can already see that the game has been essentially cut in half with a lot of my favorite zones no longer accessible, and leveling is fliping CAKE walk (already 80 in two days of being back for 37...) Would just really appreciate the help and the company. IGN is Sinue. Thanks you.
  16. Another question!

    Hi all! Got another question to ask ya lovely people. The transformation contract I see in the prestige vending machine, I am wondering. Is it a standard contract, with 62 types, or is it like what they have over on EU where it has 50 types? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/451615273561227284/588647171797286922/unknown.png
  17. Dear BCM person: Please add these to the store.

    Wow, that's so really pretty stuff ! Thanks for linking! +1 Approve
  18. Event Rewards.

    Thank you Aly
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    @Cyan Hey, it seems like EU now offers these type of contracts twice a week to their players in an effort to both help their existing player base and new comers to the game. Any chance we can get this as well? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/554784442116472862/588338393432326164/unknown.png
  20. Event Rewards.

    As far as I know, NCWest is publishing the game, which is made by NCSoft in Korea. Publishers can in no way add content to the game. they can however make changes to drop rates and such in game to cater to their specific regions. If I need to be corrected by anyone that has more information on the matter, than please do so.
  21. Event Rewards.

    They can change rewards, the quantity, they can increase/decrease drop rates, can add/remove items to mob drop tables, they have that capability. Heck, On EU side, you get two free contracts a week now, and they are the special with up to 50 types. It is pretty wild that that my EU account has better transformation contracts than my main here does. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/554784442116472862/588338393432326164/unknown.png
  22. Decent event rewards

    That's unfortunate, but if it is really has been as frustrating as people have made it out to be, and if concerns still fail to be addressed by the people you reach out to here; has no one yet attempted to send e-mails directly to NCSoft West in an attempt to voice their concerns on how things are being ran over here on NA side? I would figure that if enough people bombard them with e-mails and do so in a respectful manner about their concerns and how they feel that they have been treated since the release of 6.0 that they would probably pay attention. Not to mention that if anything is to be learned from their 2018 quarterly report that has been released, 4th quarter period, which accounts for October - December saw a pretty sharp decline in Aion sales....Surely not a coincidence, right?
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Wait a tic, am I reading this right. According to the video, they have Legendary PvE stone bundle at 300 film reels and Legendary PvP stone bundles at 400 film reels. Someone already stated that you could earn between 150-200 reels doing the run on the EU side. Why does it cost 750 film reels, more than double, than what it did on the EU side, and why is there not an option for the legendary PvP stone bundles? Are we going to be able to obtain more film reels per clear in order to compensate for the difference in cost?
  24. Decent event rewards

    I understand that they are supposed to be difficult to obtain, however, keep in mind that newer players are at an extreme disadvantage once they get to Lakram. Aion, as it stands, places both PvE and PvP players on a single end game map, this includes those that have played for years, those that have taken long breaks from the game, and players that are brand spanking new to the game. Based on how the system is currently set up for obtaining these contracts, can you really expect a newer player to want to stick around when people basically destroy them anytime the step away from base? Like I said, I am not asking for a hand out here, but I do think it is a matter that warrants some matter of attention in addressing. I see a lot of posts here about decisions being made by NCSoft West that are hurting a lot of older players and causing them to leave. On top of tackling the issue of retaining their player base by at least implementing some of the many suggestions I have seen, they should also be made aware that their current system is also drawing away any potential new players to the game as well, which will further fuel the population decline. It's a delicate balance, one that I hope they can come to grips with managing.
  25. Decent event rewards

    The only REAL gripe I have thus far is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to obtain transformation contracts to keep up and or even contend with my peers in both PvPvE aspects of the game. (been back 2, almost three weeks now) I am in no way asking for a hand out here, but it certainty would be nice if there was a more accessible way for newer players to gain access to these buffs so they can at least be in a position to remotely stand their ground in Lakram.