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  1. I felt this post in my soul. Why even bother having wings if we can barely ever use them? It what set Aion apart from WAR or WoW for me back when it launched. I feel like no matter what we say, or how much we say it, we're just yelling into the void. The devs don't care about our feedback anymore
  2. Yeah, I just came back after a break as well and had the same reaction. Went to Sanctum and decided to go to the back side and read the book on the outer dock that was a jokey reference to the X-Files and then maybe suicide on the giant lift where the old skill trainers were- but the teleport statue didn't have a destination back there anymore. So I tried to go on foot, but path there was gone. Then I realized that the locations back there were no longer labeled on the map. So I decided to go to Oriel. When I went to the teleporter, there were like four places to go. Verteron, Eltnen, and Theo
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