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  1. Restarted this game

    ok thanks i will go find the solo dungeon and try first.. so the COE is the 3 man dungeon
  2. Restarted this game

    can anyone bring me to that instance which no longer exist in a week time? i'm currently online now.. TimelessTrekker and i'm lvl 76 now
  3. Restarted this game

    Hi I just restarted this game (Currently lvl 5 as of this post ) and i have like 3 week of leave so i am going play back this game Just checking ..can chanter solo the game content..? as i am of oceanic timing it would be very hard for me to find a guild to join I'm playing KT server ( Asmo) My name is TimelessTrekker ingame
  4. Hi. I consider myself a new player as i last played quite long ago. which server /race should i choose if i'm starting from level 1 ?I'm from Gmt +8 timing so more toward oceanic timing