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  1. honestly hun bun, what ncsoft needs to do is change the red text cuz its very hard for me to see what it says.
  2. the reason why theres no from skill as u stated is because its as simple as its just an increase version of the skill and it does say what the skill is.
  3. Hime, my name is valedia and i would just like to say please do not give out any compensation for the time arena has been down cuz these players are acting like they invested any money or time running an instance that has been known to be broken since it was added so i see no need to compensate anyone...Hime i am giving u the benefit of the doubt of not being an idiot so please dont prove me wrong and i do hope you dont become a pocket GM...
  4. there should be mo compensation for AOD cuz we all know its broken and should not attend it so why want compensation for it and hime if u do give out compensation then you are a fool.and thats the valedia truth...oh and btw, thats sexual abuse on the pet.
  5. dont need buttons to fly a spaceship just need space,gas and an onboard A i system lol.
  6. now all i see on forums are the butt kissers that was like yo cyan what the hell man i cant believe you guys didnt do this didnt do that and now its oh no cyan got fired and i will miss you and all this false bs. fake sentiments is all these post are about. lets see who will be first to kiss the new GM's ass, Aly. cyan, go work for ff14, best community like ever.
  7. Cyan, even though you banned me for 3 days and it took me almost 1 year to accept the false warning, id just like to say NOW I WILL NEVER KNOW WHICH PLAYER HAD YOU IN THEIR POCKET...
  8. Please remove/change the red text from item/gear discription cuz its hard to see and i can see how someone can roll by accident...why would a piece of gear for a leather class say, leather but then it says for sin,ranger,and vandal but the stat says magic or physical. spend the money and fix these simple yet very important issues cuz ppl have this way of triggering a roll b4 linking gears and throws others off and that can and will cause a wrongful roll.
  9. well after doing bos with 7 toons i finally got a ulti cloth when i was on my glad lol.
  10. ncsoft, what does it mean when you do bos on 5 toons and not a single ulti or legendary? but i know you guys have a plan so keep up the good work...This is The Valedia.
  11. I would also like to bring to the light that need is a scam because how does one really know if someone need it or is just lying to get extra d/e or even ulti? It is that easy to just carry a lower grade item in your inventory and link it so the unsuspecting players can say ok sure. 97% of all need i believe is a lie cuz its just that easy to do so.
  12. Arkaida, thank you so very much for not saying that stupid aion term, no one cares!
  13. Remember that great loot rule 1 pass 5 so everyone can get a chance to disenchant ancient gear? now it's free for all on d/e gear telling the party members idc if you didnt win the roll i won 3 times so ty for coming but oh well ur leaving the instance with nothing. is that right for ppl to run these instances and leave with nothing?
  14. can the random gear be traded or stored in the wh? why are yall acting like y'all have never played a solo instanced game where u had to farm for gear drop and each drop wasnt for ur class? jesus christ ppl!
  15. this event proves 1 thing that yall say about me all the time and that is, we all have or find some reason to cry about something so go ahead all those that farmed for months and cry now that more ppl will have what u spent months to obtain. but u wont cry if u understand that in time everything changes so ask urself why u didnt see this coming. these changes are for the community that i love so too all that have a problem with the changes i say good for you and shut the hell up about it and see its a great thing.
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