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  1. Double Rolls!

    Please add a feature that prevents someone that has already won a roll on an item that can be extracted to not be able to roll again until all members of the party has aquired an extractable piece of gear, or unless the item is of ultimate grade for their class. remember the 1 pass 5 rules. nidzu you're greedy.
  2. warehouse increase.

    please increase allow us to increase the warehouse capacity and add some kinda extra inventory space to our personal inventory.
  3. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

    as i expected, they start you respond and you get in trouble for responding to the one who caused you to respond. as i said, you people.in closing try to understand that if someone @Aly-DNdo not speak to you or go off on you in a public chat just keep your mouth shut and mind your business.topic is closed.
  4. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

  5. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

    the problem is i was getting harassed by someone who was pretending to be me and saying things about me and nothing was done or being said but as soon as i went off on this person using my colorful words i get an email with the scren shot of what i said but it may have been sent in by the person i was having words with but aion has so many people who just do not favor me for being me that it could have came from anyone. even the ones who smile and laugh with you daily. thats why its best to let people know who reported you so u can just be done with that fake ass person. now go ahead and tell me that dont make any sense. THE TERMS OF SERVICE IS BIASED AT BEST.
  6. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

    @Aly-DNperhaps you get offended too easily by what i say in a public chat channel. now ask yourself why you just cant mind your business with whats being said in lfg chat, or are you getting paid by ncsoft to send in reports?everyone just mind your gd business and play your game.
  7. Proper way to warn someone in violation of tos!

    Add some kinda chat tab that allow elyos and and asmodians to chat freely without having to use aions translator.
  8. the best way to warn someone in tos violation is to send an in game mail or contact them while they're in the game. sending a warning to their email does not guarantee that the person will know that they have been warned because not everyone go check their emails daily and should not be actioned for assuming that they were aware of the warning and just ignored it. reconsider how you go about things because the current way is dumb. flash their name on the screen when they are being warned so they know right away.sound kinda smart if you ask. and make all gear re-skinnable and stop this stupid can only be used once. geez! and let people know who reported them so they can completely be done with that person cuz its kinda messed up that a so called friend can report you and still smile and go on runs with you not knowing they were the one who send the report and now your being used to help the very same person or persons that reported you. aion does have fake friends/people like that you know. players tell bad players to get good, but i'm telling ncsoft to get smarter.
  10. 1-is it possible for us to get a selective retuning event just like the power up event which had the 1 kinah npc buff? 2-open the account warehouse so we can trade everything between our other characters because i believe this would make more people want to play their other classes. 3-please consider bringing back personal shops so the community can be fixed because the broker is rather broken and the prices there is decided by a handful of none community based players. 4-create a specific pve server or zone so pve players can farm in peace.
  11. Jumped Character Missing things

    why dont you guys band together and give him or her some stigmas?
  12. Jumped Character Missing things

    the class that has no stigma's is your sm correct
  13. Jumped Character Missing things

    look just do the genesis crystal camps, then buy the ancient pvp weapons/acc and sell them using ur own personal shop and make kinah that way also. or just make friends then ask them for stuff and see how they respond since u wont know them for that long.
  14. Jumped Character Missing things

    what's sad is that you need. if you believe friends are so important in this game, i want you deny someones wanting to add you on their list and see how they behave towards you.
  15. Jumped Character Missing things

    and who says you cant make friends simply because you dont have stigmas.it seems to me that friends should be the last thing you should be worrying about.