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  1. My lakrum used to be about 10% into level 9, my demaha was freshly 70% into level 7 almost 8, all together I lost almost 2 levels, lakrum I got up, but I've had to bust out the last little b it and I'm still not even 9, its taken what like a full week to gain that 10% I lost, and that's from still doing bosses and weeklies, like its crazy how BIG and hard it is to get to level 9, but a simple mistake can take all that hard work and destroy it, like being so close to finishing one level to work on another just to have them all taken back down is a hard hit, and that's with me being able to hav
  2. What.... lucky with rng, you only needed 7 transforms are you high lmao, I didn't get a kaisnel at all thru the entire event, I got 1 apostle while I kept getting the same transforms, so I think you are just salty. I just got kai since I did 7 transforms and that did a total of 12 lol. its ok i understand you didn't get anything so its not fair right? You want your participation trophy for logging in? Quit complaining.
  3. What kind of late? wat. They legit said it almost 3-5 days within releasing the event for the leg transforms. idk if yall just dont pay attention to discords or even the forums. but they gave you more then enough time, I have friends who legit had enough time to scrape together 7 leg transforms to meet the 12 requirement. for once this is something good ncsoft has actually done. Just because you don't think its fair and it was "kind of late" is a lie because in all honestly, they couldve said nah your out of luck its the rng of the game like they have in the past, but for once they owned up t
  4. For once I'm actually going to back and thank Mala. He is feeding you the information you need so you don't over think it. Quit overthinking it. You actually need only 7 me and a friend did the math, that's if you don't get a transform you needed outta the 10. You can get leg a lot of ways from the recent events and stuff. now if you are a free to play player and don't have the access to contracts or leg like some do, could it hurt in making a few more accounts to do Abyssal Splinter to get the contracts you need for your main? Sure it'll take a few weeks. BUT you'll have access to stuff peop
  5. Imagine crying and complaining because you didn't get a participation trophy for doing nothing. Calm down 2nd grader.
  6. It feels like they just throw events at us that give us hope to cover up the terrible server then when we forget about it they make the event useless
  7. I really love how you guys actually give something nice and gives some players hope, who don't have Kaisinel or Marchutan, but then the 2nd you see any hope in our eyes, you decide to kick us in the balls and laugh. Like come on, I know you said no more p2w events, but then you drop this? That actually is HELPFUL to the lot of players who do not have an ultimate transform. There are many many people running around in the game that have been on the verge of quitting because the gap between Kai and A leg transform is INSANE. Almost as insane as you guys run this company. Like seriously, ANY hop
  8. So far I've ran 3 pfs, 0 event items, just the normal PF stuff, so possibly only lower end dungeons drop the items
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