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  1. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    If you haven't made it your New Years' resolution to not hopelessly wait around for this game to get more active or any better, then I'd say you're in for a big disappointment this year. If you need to post angry messages such as this, do yourself a favor and move on already. Game is dead. The sooner you realize that the easier you'll let go.
  2. Aion Legacy server please.

    No they wouldn't. This was their one good chance to take the game for a little turn to make it alive again and they did what they usually do best, destroy any chance of that. I like many of you still waste my time playing it because of the nostalgia, but with every login I realize how much of my life I'm wasting holding onto something that isn't there anymore, and that is a game that I could truly say was the best game I've ever played. Now there is much better games out there sadly. This game has come to pass.
  3. In Memory of Instagib

    I have never played with him personally along his side, but we have been on the opposite sides of the spectrum for many years. From hearing about him as who he is a person, it's sad to see something such as this happen to such an individual. Even though I never personally knew him and only played against him, I had the sudden urge to respond on here to wish you my condolences. May he rest in peace :(.
  4. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Who are these people that you keep talking about that come to you on a daily basis? I personally think you're just delusional as hell seeing as not one of your peeps that has allegedly complained to you in game has come to support your cause in this thread. Once again, you're pulling shiat out of your arse, throwing out all these accusations and ideas that you speak on behalf of your faction, yet your faction is coming on here telling us basically "We apologize for the one retard we have that doesn't know what he's talking about". If you're having trouble passing PF after more than a month on this server, then I must say, that's pretty sad. Once again, don't try dodging the bullet. I don't need your SM to do the run. For all I care, grab the best PvE peeps on your side and let them carry you... all I care about is your parse with you on sorc.
  5. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I like to give people benefit of the doubt. So I'm hoping he's working on that dps meter parse as we speak. But yeah, I suspect the same... that parse will never come our way... all that will is his words that we have a hard time believing as it is with all the out of the arse accusations that he's pulled in the first post.
  6. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Uuuuu, I like this. You make yourself look like an idiot in the first place with your suspensions to my gear and then all of a sudden change topics to which weapon is more suitable for PvE. One hell of a way to dodge a bullet. But no, I'm going to stick on topic as to what we were discussing. Show me a screenshot of a parse of you in PF. Like I previously mentioned, I can almost guarantee you wouldn't even break 10 mil. If you do, I'll eat my words. But to think that you could even come close to my DPS... is just a joke in itself. Screenshot and then we'll talk. So far all you're doing in this thread is theory crafting and pulling shit out of your arse. I'm showing you screenshots on my part yet we're suppose to believe you can do 40k dps in PF? Yeah my arse. You already look delusional as hell, sorry if I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Screenshot. Good night, I'll respond tomorrow.
  7. The Elephant in the EK Room

    You really are an idiot. Here are the images. The image you provided, that's my PvP set and that's a +11 Firebrand Tome. PvP tome. As you see right under it is an ancient tome, and that's my CoE +15 PvE tome. https://imgur.com/a/Qlw76Re Thank you for proving to everyone that your suspensions are nothing but delusions. Keep it up. You're looking like a champ. Edit: I don't buy your shit at all. Until I see a screenshot of you having a parse of the dps meter in PF, I do not buy anything you say. You already look delusional as hell, so I already assume your words are just as twisted and false.
  8. The Elephant in the EK Room

    You could pull close to my DPS? Please don't joke. In 9 years I've only met a few people that have come close to my DPS, and out of those few, they were mainly sins, not sorcs. I would love to see how much you can actually pull in PF. Keep in mind, I still up to this date am using only an ancient CoE tome +15... only imagine what my numbers will be like with an ultimate weapon. With that said, go do a few runs in PF, and show me your best DPS. I can almost guarantee you wouldn't even break 10 mil. If you do, I'll eat my words. But to come close to my DPS. Now that's a joke that we gotta laugh at.
  9. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Hi, My name is Unbeatable. I am in Zephyr, that top legion you keep talking about. While I don't want to take all the credit as my legion mates who I've most just met at the start of this server, are some of the most talented people I've played with, and keep in mind I've played this game for 9 years. So not to discredit them as they pull their weight in PvE more than any average Aion player, but I just wanted to introduce myself and call myself out for being the reason for breaking these instances (PF/IDD). If you want to know what top NA dps is like, I'll be streaming the next few days, and maybe you can learn a few things here and there, especially since you're a sorc, and so am I. I think once you see my DPS, you'll understand why we're capable of breaking these instances without a sweat. While you wait for the streams, here are some of the DPS meters that I've randomly screen shotted... keep in mind, these weren't taken cuz they were my top DPS records, but just on a random occasion. https://imgur.com/a/Y62JCtj As I said, keep an eye out for the stream next few days. I'll teach you a few things. Cheers.
  10. Gear Disparity current patch

    Jesus christ, I'm talking to someone with an IQ of 50. Did you read my post at all? Or do I literally have to re-write it again? Cuz I'm not sure anything that I wrote in my previous post stuck in your head. I'll re-write it again for you. Maybe this time that IQ of 50 will absorb at least one or two points. 1) Sheba transform? Is it much different that any of the ancient contracts? Minimal difference. Once again, coming from a guy that has used both saying it's minimal difference. Only contract that has a huge jump is the ultimate one which I'm sure people would have to spend $10k+ usd to get, which I'm pretty sure no one has or has attempted to get just yet. 2) PvP tome and 3 legendary armor pieces, you think I'm actually considered geared? I just pointed out to you previously there are people that haven't spent a dime on this game and have more legendary pieces than me. Your point on the fact that I use P2W methods to get me ahead is completely invalid because like I said, there are people more geared than me that have not spent a dime on this game. 3) As for kinah, I've clearly pointed out that even though I've spent 500$ buying lucky pouches through lockboxes, there are people that have way more kinah than me (a specific non-p2w individual that comes to mind that currently has 700 mil on EK) just by simply grinding approximately 3 hours a day. Once again, your point on P2W is invalid that it gives people a major advantage when you take into consideration that people that are P2W such as myself only have the courtesy to throw money around because we work more hours than most of you and thus have less time to play in game... and in this case grind mobs to make that kinah in game like a non-p2w player does. Your though of "an average EK" player is grossly wrong. I'm not sure if you're referring to yourself or just the idea of how you think an average player on EK is... but if you're struggling to pay your stigma charge kinah fees or if you think that an average player on EK doesn't own a few legendary pieces already, then you are sadly mistaken. The person you are describing as "an average EK player" is sadly not even a casual... as even casuals have more than that... but literally the bottom of the server that have literally either just started this week or players that are relatively new and literally don't know how this game works and what they need to do to progress. In the end, I also get what you're trying to point out and that is what's the difference on starting on EK when people do have legendary gear as comparison to the difference there is currently in the older servers with ultimate compensation gear? The difference is one whole tier, and keep in mind there is only 3 tiers. And also keep in mind that people have a full set of ultimate compensation gear where as on EK you don't even have a full legendary set yet and not even +'d yet. So yes, there is a gear difference on both server, but it's minimally marginal on EK where as compared to KT/DN where the compensation gear literally ruined every aspect of PvP. Once again, you're welcome on being right. I'm just not sure if it's the IQ of 50 preventing you guys of thinking ahead into the future and how it'll affect the game, but hey, nothing new in this world, people are always narrow minded. 2k is chump change. So yeah, no problem. And you're a no-name. Stay a no-name. I'd gladly 1v1 and post it on here to embarrass you like I've embarrassed 90% of the people that have called me out in the past 9 years on here thinking they're at all good at this game. So let me know if you want to be embarrassed. I'm always up to putting people to shame.
  11. Gear Disparity current patch

    Are you pulling this out of your ass or are you talking from personal experience on EK? P2W at this point in time only gets you ahead so much... a very minimal margin in comparison to the compensation gear which creates a ridiculous gap. Since there are no events that freely give out gear or stones or anything else that's truly valuable in this game, P2W is not much of P2W now anyways. Let me break it down for you. I have spent about $2k in EK ever since it released. Spent $500 on contracts, got a Sheba. Is it much different that any of the ancient contracts? Minimal difference. Only contract that has a huge jump is the ultimate one which I'm sure people would have to spend $10k+ usd to get, which I'm pretty sure no one has or has attempted to get just yet. Spent about 1k USD in luna. I abuse luna. Literally. I abuse it in self-rezzing. What advantage does this give you? Other than the idea of not wasting time to get back to the place you were, there is not much to it. I've also abused luna in spamming PvE dungeons for PvE gear. The PvE aspect is not even a problem in this discussion, it's the PvP problem of having a major gap in PvP items. So with that said, I also abuse luna to spam PvP dungeons. For someone that is short on luna, realistically only one dungeon worth spamming is dreg, but I spam dreg, ID, EC. With that said, the ratio of you getting a legendary PvP stone is like 1:10, which is no where near P2W as in the end, not only is there a huge chance for the legendary stone to fail, but you also hardly come by it. I also spent about $500 in lockboxes/keys. The only benefit of getting this is literally to get lucky pouches which give kinah. Is this P2W? I'd say no. I have friends in game who don't waste a dime on this game and have more kinah than me. Their secret? Grind literally ~3 hours a day, with all the junk that you sell to npc and with all the stones you grind and could sell,... you make a killing. With that said is it truly P2W? No. I do this because unlike most you out there, I work 60-80 hours/week, meaning I have less time to spend on this game (meaning I can't grind mobs as much as all of u), and because of my high salary and because I don't even wanna be bothered with grinding mobs, I just swipe to get kinah the easy way. So am I at an advantage in comparison to other people by swiping? Yes, in terms of saving time. No, in terms of having an upper hand to use the kinah just like they have an opportunity to do so. With that said, this 2k usd has "bought" me a full ancient PvP set, with a +10 legendary tome and 3 legendary +0 armor pieces. Funny that some people I know that haven't spent a dime on this game have much more gear than me... hmm I wonder why? Could it be because swiping at this point in time is not P2W at all pretty much? Preposterous. So I ask you again, are you pulling this out of your ass or are you talking from personal experience on EK and personal experience in spending a few grand right now in game? Because I'm talking from personal experience on EK and spending a few grand. Your turn.
  12. Gear Disparity current patch

    I wanna be hearing this. "Oh Unbeatable Unbeatable, were you ever so right, we should have listened to you, our great one" Before any of you say, "you're only saying it because you're the one without compensation gear". No. I have a full +15 legendary compensation PvP set on KT so I'm actually speaking from the view point of one these higher ups that has the upper hand over the people that started from scratch whether it'd be a returning or a new player. I have disagreed with the compensation set before the release of 6.2 and I still continue to disagree with it, especially having the experience now within the patch of what compensation really feels like. You guys didn't want to listen, and everybody thought it was a fair way to compensate old players. Well, I hope you're enjoying roflstomping the ancient geared players cuz as you see, they're slowly going away because they're tired of competing for something that's way out of their league. With that said, the damage is done, the compensation gear is here to say. Now enjoy playing the unbalanced PvP life on KT/DN. You guys asked for it. You guys got it. On the other hand, for the people bitching and whining about it, once again, realize that the compensation gear is here to stay. So either do us a favor and just quit because you're tired of getting stomped by these overpowered figures that could literally take on alliances themselves, or join the new server EK where things are actually balanced. There is a reason why there is a new server... for people to start from scratch and for people not to deal with these issues such as having a huge ass advantage that will take months on months to even come close to catching up to. Check.
  13. P2W much?

    You're one person. No one cares if you stay or leave. It's almost as good as people writing a goodbye thread. Bye.
  14. P2W much?

    It's sad. It's really sad. I don't even have to comment. I already feel bad for you. I support you through your hard times. #prayforAndeddo
  15. P2W much?

    You're mentally ill. If anyone is assuming here it is you. You're assuming that you thought I assumed that the whole population here is North American. Now please re-read my previous post and notice that no where in "No wonder rates of mental health illness are through the roof in North America" does it indicate that I'm assuming anything other than merely stating the fact that mental health within North America is on the rise. Is there direct correlation with implying that the NA population, especially the population of this forum falls under that implied statement of mental health rising levels? Yes. But no where does it imply that the NCwest servers are 100% populated by people from North America. Now can we assume that majority of the players are from North America? Yes. After all, this whole argument wasn't even really implied towards the whole NA population, but rather the population of these forums, which is safe to safe that majority are from North America without even assuming. Now that's how you shut someone up. Sit boy.