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  1. East coast players have the advantage of playing with better ping just to give one example off the top of my head. It's a give and take. As someone said, they are open for suggestions. So suggest people. Don't just complain.
  2. Exactly my point. Could you attend? Yes. However you won't as you choose sleep instead. So I'd say they're pretty fair to the East Coast population. The only people that should be complaining on here is people other than North Americans. I feel bad for the Europeans and Oceanic players, but I also understand the decision for this schedule as they are a minority and unfortunately this is after all an "NA Classic".
  3. Are East Coast people actually complaining about a 11 pm siege? I'm from East Coast, and if I have no problem with it and have to wake up at 5 AM to still have my wits intact all day for surgeries I am sure you can too. Just because you're used to sleeping at 10 or 11 pm, that's a you problem, not an NCsoft problem. It really comes down to what you value more. Medals/AP or your sleep? Unfortunately sometimes you can't get everything you want.
  4. It's good news indeed. And honestly, at this point, it does make most sense if it will release in Sept. They already missed their chance it being winter time for most zones and us mainly being locked down during the pandemic. So if they were to open it during the spring/summer would just be stupid as not many people would play as I'm assuming there is people like me out there that want to use the summer time to spend outside than rather inside. Logic or not. One thing that precedes logic with NCsoft is their tenancy to release the same exactly content that Korea releases at first.
  5. So when we initially played at the start of classic in KR, people were abusing AP in multiple ways. 1) Buying the 3 month pass and getting the 3? crown rewards (P2W) 2) The AP return item system 3) AP trading. They took out the first 2 so that's out of the question at the moment in Korea, and as for the AP trading, I personally haven't seen any happen when we played on KR the second time around on the new server. What you didn't experience however was actually a realization that the above ways of abusing AP only made a very small fraction of the population. When you played with us at the
  6. Timing is everything and realistically the time was a few months ago. It's still not late but Classic has to release in the next month or 2 to still have some traction for success. Realistically the best time to open up would have been winter time since well 1) It's winter and people tend to game more during winter rather than summer and 2) Probably an even more important factor would the pandemic lockdown across the world, which might be coming to an ease as vaccinations are rolled out and we might potentially see loosened restrictions by summer time.
  7. Yeah that's def a bugger. No idea if it's actually a randomized process either or have they maybe tried to give out the surveys towards the players that are mainly still playing. Best option would have been to send out the surveys to all the Aion accounts, and then whoever responds responds. But maybe too much information for them to compile lol. All in all, once again, it's a waiting game, but at least the fact they've included a question on the survey in regards to an Aion Classic is a positive reinforcement towards the idea of it possibly coming in the near future.
  8. I heard a survey is being handed out and one of the questions being whether we want the classic or not. Let's bump this thread to remind people how much people want it. Almost 900 signed the petition.
  9. Always been Elyos, so prepare to bend over for me. Spank you in game mami. Other than the first page where I went full on nyerk to shut some kids up who immediately bashed the idea and brought negativity to the thread, I don't see anyone else that I've been toxic to other than whoever this crash pilot is. I created this thread with the purpose of presenting the public a petition. If you like the idea of an Aion Classic, then sign it. If you don't, then don't. It's really that simple. I didn't really open it for discussion purposes to be honest. And I sure as hell didn't ope
  10. Not sure if you played Aion Classic before, but it didn't ever contain ulti enchantment stones, nor were there tiers of armors to upgrade. Imagine if life worked like that. That you do everything "right" as per what a textbook reading would suggest to reach to your destination of where you want to be in the future. If that was the case we would have millions of people in the high end professions of surgeons, doctors, lawyers, etc making millions of dollars. But that's not how life works. What people do is try their best, and sometimes that's just not enough. But just because they faile
  11. Korea is opening 2 new servers next week. That's 7 servers in total. @KibbelzJust as mentioned in my previous post, this thing is blowing up over seas yet not a peep here? Any news?
  12. @Hime@Loki@Kibbelz We have over 500 signatures in this petition in less than a month. That's more people than the current retail has with both servers combined. Even with 500 signatures, I can promise you, that number is merely a small fraction of how many people would play. With that said, you have a current interested player base that's greater than the current retail player base. Could we get even a little information whether Aion Classic will potentially be coming to NA or even if it's in the talks currently within the NCWest studio?
  13. Anybody that's still playing and is holding on to retail just because they spent some money on this game is living a sad life. As I previously mentioned, I spent somewhere between $40-50k on this game, but not once when I swiped my card did I have a mentality of "this is an investment and the more I bury into my pockets the more I have to stick around". No. It's a guilty pleasure. I compare spending money in this game to spending money gambling. I don't really gamble, but I have been to Vegas a few times. My mentality going in there is telling myself "hey you're giving yourself $500 a nig
  14. As Matsuky said, a poorly managed Aion Classic is still better than a poorly managed dead retail. Besides that, as I previously mentioned the one thing that we do have to give NCWest credit for is that they have delivered all the patches/expansion that Korea has had in the past, and so if they do copy and paste the Aion Classic Korean version, I honestly couldn't care less if they poorly manage it or get down on their knees because like I said, it will still be better than the dead retail that this game currently has available. As someone mentioned, kinah can only take you so far.
  15. I can't help shake the feeling that Aion Classic is coming to the West in January. For someone that prefers the retail such as yourself Arhangelos, I think this is the most respected post of an unbiased opinion. Respect. Hopefully this post opens up some people's eyes when it comes to viewing their actual reasoning why they're so against an Aion Classic... and if it's not that obvious, that mainly refers to the people still playing retail currently. See the post above. You're wrong in almost every way, especially about the fact that you're predicting that the Aion Classic
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