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  1. I totally agree with you on this Gwin-DN, me being a returning player do not like some the changes NCsoft made to Aion. Instead of NCsoft pleasing a small percentage they need to see why people are leaving and work on ways to get them back. They had 10 years to establish their base but they refused to do this and started changing their gaming mechanics which included introducing stuff people generally do not want. I think transformations, is silly, and as a returning player feel let down because my gear I worked hard to get now 2.5 years before is now useless. Instead of making advancements
  2. Sorry that happened to you, wish they resolved this better for you. Reminds me of my time I got disconnected while getting my Druid Epic 1 Gear on Everquest. Now those epic items took many weeks if not months/years to get because you spent time camping mobs that were timed to appear very rare. I messaged a GM in 2003 about it and he responded the same way this one did ignoring the problem and saying the severs were fine. I got it escalated all the way to the senior techs who finally just gave me the item. Don't stop escalating your problem, if you find fault in the games client crashing, tha
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