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  1. 2 versions of the same daev skill at the same time ?

    https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Update_History That has not only 7.5, but also 7.7 patch notes translated so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I didn't see the odian skills translated or any other lists and wondered if I might be overlooking it.
  2. 2 versions of the same daev skill at the same time ?

    Where can we see a list of these odian skills? i checked out powerbook and can't find a decently translated page of them.
  3. Recommended Class

    How is ranger now?
  4. Recommended Class

    What about templar and SM? Strong, but not as strong as these 4?
  5. Recommended Class

    What are the best classes right now for pvp? Besides painter, i won't play that
  6. Two Questions

    Thank you very much for the info. I didn't know that about the Ilumiel Brawl. i just watched a video and it looked ok, didn't realize it was equalized gear, thank you for the info.
  7. Two Questions

    Ok. That's pretty much what i meant. I was just curious how much kinah would actually be spent on that, but it doesn't sound like it's obnoxious.
  8. Two Questions

    Right, I was more wondering if it's feasible to be able to keep the transparent part up 24/7 depending on price/ease of access. Like will I be spending a lot of kinah to obtain them or is it basically a negligible amount?
  9. Two Questions

    How many of the transparent ones can we get? Like can we get enough easily to not have to see these ugly ass transforms permanently or is it going to be a lot of work to get them and you won't even be able to 24/7 hide it? Thank you for all the info, need to check out what this illumiel brawl thing is.
  10. Two Questions

    Been away from the game since 6.0 came out so I'm not exactly sure what is around in the game now. Are the transformation scrolls still forced to make your looks change? I hated this change and I'm curious if they've done anything to make it better or gotten rid of the looks of it at all. Also, what PVP options are there now? IE which instances, sieges, etc, and for how many players? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    You won't get support for anything beneficial for EK or any other new server because the super geared are now the vocal majority. If you make EK enticing for new/returning/lower geared people from other servers, then the new server might become more popular than the old ones. If the server became more popular, then some of the players, especially lower geared players on DN and KT that aren't highly invested and/or getting sick of getting steamrolled, might actually move to the new server because it would be more fun for them. The super geared on DN and KT rely on these lower geared people for them to be able to steamroll so they can have their fun. If all the lower geared people leave, they would then be left with other people similar gear to them and due to this, they would just become average geared and it would be less fun for them.
  12. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    It's pretty hilarious watching this community fight itself and then wonder why the population is so low. You have people wanting to help newer/fresh start players on EK to keep new people/returning players in the game, but then the big names come in and shut down any type of help for these people to enjoy the game. Pretty easy to predict that the fresh start server is going to die because you guys fight for it to die. It's a fresh start and people want to actually enjoy the pvp, but nope, DN and KT want you to get slaughtered by them in PVP instances, just like Beritra, by forcing you to go into instances against them. Want to have an event where the EK server can get some kind of help to get a little better gear and make pvp instances at least a little more equal despite the biggest gear gap in the game's history? Nope, people are going to fight against that too. There's another thread open where people want more events and even asked for a pvp event where they could get pvp stones from pvp instances. So you want force EK people to continually get destroyed by the two bigger servers in pvp instances and watch the other two servers get more shit? I'm sure they would love that, not demoralizing for them in the least. Yes, they chose to go to a new server and didn't have to, but why would you treat the new server the same way as the other ones? To me, it just shows that you really don't give a shit about a low population or player retention. Take a look around the forums. The people trying to spread ideas to get people to join the game and retain players has now become the minority. Curious as to how EK incentives affect the servers that are YEARS old, thousands of dollars in, and with compensation gear. So new people are going to catch up to you in 2-3 weeks with an event or some incentive bonus? Yeah i doubt it.
  13. Kinah in 6.0

    That stuff doesn't bother me really, I'm more worried about actual gameplay, ie godstone effects on minions, minion skills (which I believe I heard were nerfed initially and then rebuffed again or given the godstone effects, something like that), and also the ultimate scrolls or whatever that give an advantage to paying players.
  14. Kinah in 6.0

    I thought 6.2 was when they re-implemented the stuff that people didn't want, ie godstone effects being changed to minion effect, etc? Was hearing 6.0 revived the game in KR, but 6.2 killed the game again. This is just off the top of my head, but I'm kind of curious how this is supposed to go and whether or not to look forward to these updates.
  15. Power up Event

    That's absolute bullshit. A new player could come in, buy a bunch of shit off the BCM, sell it for kinah or use it to gear up, even outgearing people that have been playing a while or just returned. I think you're also missing the point of where they devs really show their shit game design...make alts for stuff and buy shit off BCM because the regular mechanics suck ass. It's a company and they need to make money, yes, but they also drive off players with these kinds of things and they could easily find other ways to make money, such as cosmetics. Other f2p games also have some p2w elements, which is exactly why MMO's are in such a terrible state right now in general. Just because other people do it, doesn't make it right.