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  1. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    You won't get support for anything beneficial for EK or any other new server because the super geared are now the vocal majority. If you make EK enticing for new/returning/lower geared people from other servers, then the new server might become more popular than the old ones. If the server became more popular, then some of the players, especially lower geared players on DN and KT that aren't highly invested and/or getting sick of getting steamrolled, might actually move to the new server because it would be more fun for them. The super geared on DN and KT rely on these lower geared people for them to be able to steamroll so they can have their fun. If all the lower geared people leave, they would then be left with other people similar gear to them and due to this, they would just become average geared and it would be less fun for them.
  2. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    It's pretty hilarious watching this community fight itself and then wonder why the population is so low. You have people wanting to help newer/fresh start players on EK to keep new people/returning players in the game, but then the big names come in and shut down any type of help for these people to enjoy the game. Pretty easy to predict that the fresh start server is going to die because you guys fight for it to die. It's a fresh start and people want to actually enjoy the pvp, but nope, DN and KT want you to get slaughtered by them in PVP instances, just like Beritra, by forcing you to go into instances against them. Want to have an event where the EK server can get some kind of help to get a little better gear and make pvp instances at least a little more equal despite the biggest gear gap in the game's history? Nope, people are going to fight against that too. There's another thread open where people want more events and even asked for a pvp event where they could get pvp stones from pvp instances. So you want force EK people to continually get destroyed by the two bigger servers in pvp instances and watch the other two servers get more shit? I'm sure they would love that, not demoralizing for them in the least. Yes, they chose to go to a new server and didn't have to, but why would you treat the new server the same way as the other ones? To me, it just shows that you really don't give a shit about a low population or player retention. Take a look around the forums. The people trying to spread ideas to get people to join the game and retain players has now become the minority. Curious as to how EK incentives affect the servers that are YEARS old, thousands of dollars in, and with compensation gear. So new people are going to catch up to you in 2-3 weeks with an event or some incentive bonus? Yeah i doubt it.
  3. Kinah in 6.0

    That stuff doesn't bother me really, I'm more worried about actual gameplay, ie godstone effects on minions, minion skills (which I believe I heard were nerfed initially and then rebuffed again or given the godstone effects, something like that), and also the ultimate scrolls or whatever that give an advantage to paying players.
  4. Kinah in 6.0

    I thought 6.2 was when they re-implemented the stuff that people didn't want, ie godstone effects being changed to minion effect, etc? Was hearing 6.0 revived the game in KR, but 6.2 killed the game again. This is just off the top of my head, but I'm kind of curious how this is supposed to go and whether or not to look forward to these updates.
  5. Power up Event

    That's absolute bullshit. A new player could come in, buy a bunch of shit off the BCM, sell it for kinah or use it to gear up, even outgearing people that have been playing a while or just returned. I think you're also missing the point of where they devs really show their shit game design...make alts for stuff and buy shit off BCM because the regular mechanics suck ass. It's a company and they need to make money, yes, but they also drive off players with these kinds of things and they could easily find other ways to make money, such as cosmetics. Other f2p games also have some p2w elements, which is exactly why MMO's are in such a terrible state right now in general. Just because other people do it, doesn't make it right.
  6. Power up Event

    Maybe you guys defending these kinds of tactics should take a look around in the game, there's absolutely NO new player icons next to people's names because of stuff like this and why the game has been spiraling downward the last few years and headed to 6.0 with massive changes. I completely agree with OP in that it's simply asinine that they know the system is shitty and give us a non-shitty version of what we want and call it an event.
  7. 6.0 info

    Now that 6.0 has been out a little longer in Korea, what do they think of it?
  8. 6.0 info

    I have a few questions @Kubei-DN : Since they're getting rid of augmenting and conditioning, can you still augment or condition the old gear? For instance, say I have a 75 abyss set, will I be able to top off the augment in 6.0? Also, how do you obtain the new starter 6.0 set? Is it given to you in a bundle just for showing up, is it some quests, or is it something different?
  9. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    I have chosen not to take part in these events, which is why I don't have +15 gear or a ton of kinah/great gear after playing for a couple years. I never was going to pull the "I can only play 10 minutes a day" card, so you might want to stop assuming. I have all the time that I want to be able to play. You're actually proving my point about people putting in absolutely zero game time and making billions of kinah from events. You might find it fine, but then that is just promotes the fact that people won't bother to play when it's nowhere near as rewarding since they can just wait for an event to make money, especially now that everything is tradeable. It's taking incentive away from actually playing, grinding, doing instances. Thank you for proving my point.
  10. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    I meant to say that I don't like FoO, I picked my class and I want to play as my class, which you don't for this instance. Also, it is solo, which I'd much prefer the best experience thing to be group based. I actually don't like getting omegas/temperings from events, as I stated before when I said that you make the most money from events and not actually playing the game regularly. I finally decided to break down and do the event because they've made the game incredibly difficult to get them through actually playing the game. Yes, there are ways to get them, but needing the omegas to get +15 on 6 pieces of gear would take a long time without these events. You can get 0-2 per run, with full account of alts running that, that's 0-16 per day from one event. How many do you get a day from running regular instances? How is it acceptable that running alts on event instances is more rewarding than actually playing the game normally for weeks to months? Has it really been a big step up or has it just gotten so bad that when they do something like this it's seen as positive? I certainly don't think they deserve praise for one positive month compared to years of bad decisions.
  11. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    So here is what I see that's going on: They implement pay to win in the game, milking people for what they can. With all this money, they basically take out fun maps and make 2 garbage maps (Kaldor and Levinshor) and 4 legitimate maps (Enshar, Cygnea, Norsvold, and Iluma). After these maps come out, they spend even more money to do some other shit that basically makes all six of these maps obsolete within a very short time frame of each release. People are in Norsvold and Iluma, but only in towns. So where is all the money going? In the current state, there's no reason to even start characters at level 1, they could just phase out all the maps and levels since it's all just a big waste of time for people to level to 65, it's all solo and there's nobody around. Even when you do reach 66, you can't even do anything really until 70 except Theo and Adma. Next, you have the afk problem. AFK PVP instances. AFK Luna instances. AFK sieges. AFK Panda defense. Then, they make the instance with the best experience an instance where you play by yourself and don't even play as your char (FoO), same as Luna instances. Next, you have the event problem. Why bother actually playing your char when drops are horrendous and you can just wait for an event to make more money in one week than you could from playing for months? It's become better time management to just create alts and wait for events to run that stuff than it has to actually play the game with your main character. If you do play your main character, you might as well AFK (see above). Even better, the best methods to gear up and get kinah involve opening your wallet. I've paid into this game, but stopped a long time ago. After the new Luna game of fate, I tried it out and made like 400-500 million kinah on SL-Asmo by spending only $5, just showing how bad the p2w has become. I just came back from a few months break to find an event that hands out tempering/omegas like crazy that you can pay real money to run more and more, only to find out you get dc'ed a lot from it. I wanted to gear up to take advantage of the event because that's the fastest way before it becomes ridiculous to get omegas/temperings, but I'm just stopping to download another game because the actual reward doesn't pay off for the time invested. This doesn't even touch on the topic of hackers, botters, etc because I feel like it's just a waste of time talking about stuff that won't get fixed.