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  1. Wheres our ultimate transformation select box ? tell us when or time please
  2. Charater Transfer (Sever) still closed? When can we transfer sever again? @Kibbelz
  3. @Kibbelz thanks for take our feedback , and can we have an incoming event with stigma enchant stones again ? please sell stigma enchant stones at BCM again like $50 for x65 stones. rates changed but we still don't have stones to enchant our stigmas , we can't make them without vanilla-anti-cheat users , only they can farm stones with x100 or more accounts. I know we can get 2-3 stones per week , but it take too long take years to make one +15 ...
  4. Please do +15 stigma enchant event again We can't buy +15 stigma from broker with kinah for one , we can't make that kinah in years without buy kinah from vanilla kinah seller. We can't pay for one +15 stigma for $150 usd , We can't pay it with paypal , because there are so many scammers.
  5. because there were too many rubbish ptw event ppl quiting now. how many ppl can spend $1000 for one skin? think about it if you are GM, its break game balance. I'd like to spend $1000 on BCM for stigmas enchant stones for my ALL alt charaters (1k each no problem) I'd like to spend $1000 for ultimate transformations or spend more BUT I dont wanna spend $1000 for one weapon skin, I know some ppl like it and they can pay for it, BUT how many ppl can do that?
  6. 1. ultimate transformation event ( many players need it and waiting it ) 2. stigma enchant event ( many players need stigmas event again ) 3. S rank minion event ( many players still use A rank ) 4. wb weapon box event ( many players if they are not in BIG legion they can't have wb boss weapon they can't kill any wb in this game ) ALL WE NEED THANK YOU ! PLEASE DO SOME USEFULL AND TAKE OUR FEEDBACK ! WE CAN P2W BUT WE WANNA SPEND MONEY ON WHAT WE REALLY NEED.
  7. Yes, Game dead . don't ask us "why" you have to go ask Ncsoft . look at those event , they only sell rubbish with galaxy price and they never take any feedback for Event even we said we going to pay for "Good event" .
  8. what are you talking about ...........google translate ?
  9. @Hime please add a new event , or old event like Joker cards event please
  10. WE dont have a NEW event? whats happend? I don't wanna spend money on any charaters without Ultimate Transformaion . please add a new event for ultimate xfom !
  11. Ultimate Transformation event ! PLEASE PLEASE !!! @Loki @Hime beg you please !!!! Please !! pLease !! plEase !! pleAse !! pleaSe !! pleasE !!
  12. I wish we can have ultimate xfom event at incoming week . I really need one ultimate xfom for my SM . I really need one ultimate xfom before I quit this game . tired waiting for it now .
  13. Only 10 account ?? dude !! please I asked someone before I buy stones from bcm " how much $$ you paid for +15 stigmas set? " he said " free " I asked him again " free ? how ? " he said " I have x195 accounts and I got free stigma enchant stones from last event " SUPRISED! I asked him again " how you made that? because we can do jumpping afk with one computer ONLY one account and it take few weeks " he logged off. OK .. L O L
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